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No cold open. Straight into the intro song. (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK from Brentwood, England. They hype today's main event, which is Tyler Bate versus Kassius Ohno.

Xia Brookside is out for our opening contest. She'll be facing the women's champion, Kay Lee Ray.

Xia Brookside versus Kay Lee Ray

Fans chanting for Brookside before the two women lock up. Tie-up. Ray forces Brookside to the corner. She goes for a cheap shot but Brookside dodges it with ease. Ray grabs Brookside's arm and rings it off her shoulder. Wristlock applied. Brookside counters with a headlock takedown. Ray breaks free by locking in a headscissor. Brookside headstands back to her feet to the delight of the crowd. Back and forth chain wrestling...Ray lands the first strike sending Brookside to the mat. Irish whip attempt...Brookside ties Ray up in the crucifix pin...two count. Another quick pin...two. Headlock from Brookside...Ray picks her up and places her on the top. Crossbody from Brookside...Ray catches her in a powerslam. She lays into Brookside with clubbing forearms. Brookside tries to fight back but Ray slows her momentum by hitting a gordbuster. She goes for the Gory Bomb...Brookside has it scouted and escapes. Running facebuster by Brookside for a nearfall. Ray nails another huge haymaker. Brookside fires back with a flying headscissor. Frankensteiner for two. Ray refuses to go down. Superkick and Gory Bomb. Champ picks up the win.

Kay Lee Ray wins by pinfall

Recap of Ilja Dragunov's interactions with Imperium member Alexander Wolfe over the last month. Wolfe was attempting to recruit Dragunov to Imperium but Dragunov chose to stand with Gallus during last week's brawl. Gallus would gain the upper-hand ending the show. We go to commercial.

Advertisement for Survivor Series featuring the Becky Lynch, Shayna Baszler, and Bayley triple-threat.

A short vignette on Piper Niven plays. She says that being a plus-sized athlete is very important because she's an image for anyone who doesn't think they look good, especially kids. Clips of Niven's career accolades are shown, including her run as the ICW women's champion.

Back to the arena...Ligero makes his way for our next matchup. His opponent...Travis Banks. Flashback to their match three weeks ago, when Ligero and Banks had a bout that ended in a draw when both men's shoulders were pinned. That sets up this rematch.

Ligero versus Travis Banks

Banks goes for a pump kick to start...Ligero dodges. Pace picks up...back and forth striking...they take each other down with standing big boots. Crowd gives them a loud applause. Handspring crossbody from Ligero. He follows up with a lariat and goes for a cover...Banks kicks out. Big chop drops Banks to the mat. He fires back with a chop of his own but Ligero keeps the attack on. Elbow to Banks' neck. Short-armed lariat wakes Banks up...they struggle for a backslide...Banks hits a superkick to the gut, then unloads several chops. Ligero charges...shin-kick by Bansk. He climbs to the top and nails a missile dropkick while Ligero is on the ropes. Pinfall attempt...Ligero gets the shoulder up. Banks goes for slice of heaven...Ligero counters with a powerbomb. Code red...Banks kicks out. Ligero goes to the apron but misses a splash. Neither man can gain the advantage...Kiwi crusher out of nowhere from Banks. Ligero kicks out again. Banks climbs to the top...Ligero palm strikes him. He climbs for a superplex...he got it. NXT chants from the crowd. Both men are down.

Banks rolls to the apron so Ligero can't make a cover. Ligero meets him out there...chops to Banks' chest. Banks reciprocates. He goes or a fisherman suplex on the apron...he hits it. Ligero is hurt. Banks goes for a double-stomp...Ligero moves. He uses the steps...C4 DDT. As Ligero rolls Banks back inside...Joseph Conners attacks from behind. Referee doesn't see it. Banks connects with slice of heaven. It's over.

Travis Banks wins by pinfall

Post match Conners beats down Banks and Ligero. He gets on the microphone and says that he was supposed to be the very first NXT UK champion. "It didn't happen. I was supposed to be at the first NXT UK takeover...but I wasn't. I am Takeover worthy." Conners continues to scream at the crowd and at himself. He's sick of their ignorance. "As far as I'm long as I continue to suffer...everyone is going to have to suffer along with me." He exits. Commentary adds on that Conners still wears the NXT UK tournament t-shirt from three years ago, claiming that he's still upset about not capturing the gold.

Footage of NXT General Manager William Regal and UK General Manager Johnny Saint having a discussion at the performance center is shown. Alexander Wolfe strolls up. He wants a match with Ilja Dragunov ASAP. Sid Scala begins to whisper something into Saint's ear, but Wolfe angrily tells him to mind his business. Saint says "why not." Match is made official for next week.

Main event time. The Wrestling Genius Kassius Ohno is out first. Tyler Bate is second. Here we go.

Kassius Ohno versus Tyler Bate

Ohno applies a wristlock...Bate works his way out of it and countered with one of his own. Cravat from Ohno. Bate escapes and locks in an Octopus hold, then transitions into a sunset flip attempt, which Ohno turns into a modified Camel Clutch and later a surfboard submission. Bate ends up locking in a side headlock and hits Ohno with his foot for good measure.

Bate headstands in the corner... he catches Ohno with a headscissors takedown as he rushed in. He follows up with a number of dropkicks, but Ohno turns things around once more and drove Bate into the ring post as Bate was on the apron. As Bate returs to the ring, Ohno hits kicks and elbows. Ohno crashs down on Bate with a senton for a near fall, then hits a hard rolling elbow to the temple. Ohno ended up on the top rope and hits Bate with a hard right, then went for a cravat but eventually turns it into a sit-down cravat powerbomb.

Bate with another rolling koppu kick. Ohno fires back a running boot and Bate responds with the rebound lariat. Ohno rolled to the outside and Bate followed him out with a big dive, but Ohno caught him in mid-air and hit the Dream Crusher to the neck for a 2.9 count. Ohno berated Bate, calling him a rookie and himself a veteran. They battled on the top and Ohno applied a cravat, but Bate escaped and picked him up on his shoulders for the UFO airplane spin. He sets him up...Tyler Driver 97. That'll do it.

Tyler Bate wins by pinfall

That's the show friends.