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No cold open. Straight into intro song (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK from Hull, England. Trent Seven makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. He'll be facing...Kona Reeves. Reeves gets on the mic to a chorus of boos. He says that the UK fans don't understand what real talent is. He calls NXT UK NXT's crooked-tooth little sister. He then takes aim at Seven, claiming that Seven is not, and never has been, a superstar.

Trent Seven versus Kona Reeves

Reeves charges...Seven catches him with a back body drop and powerslam in succession. Big chops by Seven. He gets dumped to the outside after a right hand. Reeves surprises Seven with a knee from the outside. He traps Seven in the ring apron and unloads a barrage of forearms. Back in the ring...Reeves stomps Seven down in the corner. Seven fires back with a snap-Dragon suplex, then hits a modified Emerald Flowsion. Big lariat sends Reeves to the outside again, then bounces off the ropes...bottom rope suicide dive. He tosses Reeves back inside and climbs....senton misses. Reeves takes advantage with strikes but Seven answers with the seven-star lariat for a nearfall. Reeves shakes it off....he picks Seven up....Seven slides to the back....burning hammer. It's over.

Trent Seven wins by pinfall

As Seven celebrates Eddie Dennis grabs his wrist from the crowd. He and Seven have a staredown, but nothing gets physical.

Cut to an interview with Ilja Dragunov. He explains that Alexander Wolfe trained him back in the day, and was a strict and ruthless teacher. "Wolfe always made the decisions for me, and he tried to do it again.'s time to show him that there's only one person in charge of my future. Tonight...I will step out of Wolfe's shadow."

Advertisement for Survivor Series featuring the women's triple-threat between Becky Lynch, Bayley, and Shayna Baszler.

Commentary promotes NXT UK Takeover Blackpool II. The event sold out immediately.

Back to the arena, Jack Starz is on his way out for our next bout. His opponent...A-Kid.

Jack Starz versus A-Kid

Tie-up. Starz powers Kid to the mat...Kid immediately counters into an armbar. Back to their feet...Kid goes for a wristlock but Starz evades and they reset. Second tie-up. Starz gets wrist-control...Kid lifts him up and slams him to the mat. Rear chinlock applied from Kid. Nice sequence of chain wrestling from both competitors. Starz targets the leg...Kid shows off his ground technique...triangle hold locked in. Starz tries to powerbomb his way out of it but Kid blocks the attempt...eventually Starz connects. Cover...only two. Kid locks in an armbar...Starz taps.

A-Kid wins by submission

Elsewhere, Jinny and Jazzy Gabert are interviewed about the current state of the NXT UK women's division. Jinny calls the group little girls, and calls out Piper Niven for thinking she could be "championship material." She says that if Niven ever wants to win gold, she'll have to beat her, which is something she's yet to do.

Commercial for NXT WarGames.

Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) come to the ring. Gibson does his normal introduction. The fans of Hull take of their shoes, as is normal for Gibson. He complains that he and Drake should still be the NXT UK tag team champions, blaming General Manager Johnny Saint for the triple-threat stipulation from Takeover Cardiff. Gibson claims that they were close to defeating Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews a few weeks ago to become number one contenders, but Gallus and Imperium ruined that. "What I want to know....what are the consequences to their actions? What is the punishment? Have they been fined? Have they been suspended? No. Nothing. Absolutely nothing has happened to Gallus or Imperium." Gibson goes on, saying that he and Drake were on their way to making the UK tag championship the most prestigious titles in all of WWE. Segment ends with Gibson begging Johnny Saint for another tag title opportunity. "Make the people happy. Mr. Saint you need us at Takeover. You need us in the tag team title match. So once again, just like at every Takeover, the whole world will be talking about NXT UK."

Cut to Jordan Devlin in an office. He shows a video of some of NXT UK's best bits, which include highlights of only him. Footage includes his title opportunity against Pete Dunne, and his recent victory over Dave Mastiff. Back to the office...Devlin says that his greatest attribute is that he is an inspirational leader of men. He calls A-Kid a little twirp, and challenges him to a matchup for next week's NXT UK.

Oliver Carter is out next. He'll be battling Ridge Holland in singles action. This is Holland's debut.

Oliver Carter versus Ridge Holland

Tie-up. Holland tosses Carter across the ring. Big uppercut...Holland catches Carter with a hip-toss. Carter gets dumped to the apron...he hits an enziguri, then drops Holland with a headscissor. Flying crossbody attempt...Holland catches Carter and throws him with an overhead suplex. Holland rag-dolls Carter around the ring. Carter goes for a backslide...Holland blocks it and hits another suplex. Straight-jacket cobra-clutch. Carter is fading...he somehow gets to his feet and punches his way out. Body shots from Carter...up-kick from the ground. He nails Holland in the corner with a heel kick. Holland doges a springboard maneuver....huge tackle and headbutt. Holland picks Carter up...Emerald Flowsion. That'll do it.

Ridge Holland wins by pinfall

Flashback to last week's NXT UK, when Joseph Connors attacked Ligero and Travis Banks, and cut a promo saying that as long as he continues to suffer, everyone will have to suffer along with him. Cut to an interview from Travis Banks, who calls Connors assault way out of order. Ligero speaks next. "Connors robbed the fans of seeing a fair fight." Next up is Connors. "I'm just happy I was able to leave a good impression on everyone."

Backstage Asthon Smith and Oliver Carter are walking...Noam Dar appears in the background and taunts Carter after his loss. Smith challenges Dar to a matchup next week...he accepts.

Commentary tells us that next week...Jinny and Piper Niven will meet one-on-one.

Main event time. Ilja Dragunov is out first, followed by Imperium's Alexander Wolfe. Here we go.

Alexander Wolfe versus Ilja Dragunov

Intense grapple to start. Neither man can gain the advantage as they ground wrestle all around the ring. Wolfe traps Dragunov in the corner. Fans soley behind the charismatic Russian. Dragunov shoves his way out and tells Wolfe to bring it on. Wolfe gives him a free shot...Dragunov slaps him in the face. Pace picks up...flying crossbody from Dragunov. Fight spills to the outside. Dragunov lays into Wolfe with chops...Wolfe responds by shoving him into the barricade. Dragunov shakes it off and hits several forearms before whipping Wolfe into the barricade himself. Referee allows them to brawl, but eventually begins counting them out...they both get back in. Wolfe kicks the rope into Dragunov as he's coming back into the ring, then nails a swinging neckbreaker. Wolfe in control now.

Wolfe chokes Dragunov down in the corner. Dragunov battles to his feet again, but Wolfe takes him down with a ground and pound. Standing lbow drop for a nearfall. Wolfe slows the action by applying a rest-hold...Dragunov escapes...Wolfe boots him in the face. Another. Snapmare and fish-hook by Wolfe. He hits a basement dropkick to the back of Dragunov's head. Dragunov lands a few right hands but Wolfe sends him back to ringside. Wolfe picks up a steel chair...he decides not to use it. Back in the aggressive rear chinlock is locked in. Wolfe turns his body for added pressure. Dragunov refuses to stay down...he breaks free and backs Wolfe into the turnbuckles. Back and forth striking...Dragunov reverses a suplex with one of his own. Both men are down. Loud NXT chants from the crowd.

Another striking exchange...Dragunov blocks a haymaker and unloads a flurry of chops to Wolfe's jaw. Big elbow in response by Wolfe...Dragunov absorbs the blow and rocks him with a knee. Corner knee and lariat. Dragunov climbs to the top...Wolfe meets him with an uppercut. He goes for a superplex...Dragunov tosses him off and connects with a middle rope knee. Gotch-style powerslam...he definitely didn't get all of it. Cover...Wolfe kicks out. Dragunov goes for it again...Wolfe blocks it but Dragunov with another knee to the face. Deadlift-German suplex...Wolfe kicks out again. Dragunov back to the top...Wolfe crawls to the corner...Wolfe still jumps and hits a missile dropkick. Dragunov goes for a senton...Wolfe gets the knees up...another big boot by Wolfe. Snap-German...Dragunov just gets a shoulder up. He picks Wolfe up in a firemans carry...Wolfe slips out...he sets him up on the top..superplex lands. He's slow to make the cover. Dragunov kicks out when he finally does.

Both men to their feet...a slugfest. Dragunov drops Wolfe with a spinning back-fist. He goes to the corner...torpedo headbutt is scouted from Wolfe. Big boot...Dragunov rebounds with a lariat. To the corner again...torpedo headbutt...Imperium interrupts...Wolfe counters the headbutt into a DDT. He picks Dragunov up....sit-out powerbomb. Dragunov can't kick out.

Alexander Wolfe wins by pinfall

Post match Imperium begins beating Dragunov down. Gallus makes the save. Joe Coffey goes for the discus lariat on WALTER but Imperium flees. Both factions stare each other down.

That's the show friends.