One top WWE NXT Superstar who likely won’t be involved in the Survivor Series build with the RAW and SmackDown rosters is The Velveteen Dream.

We noted back in mid-October that WWE did a backstage angle on NXT TV that saw The Undisputed Era leave Dream laying after an attack, which pulled him from a planned title match with NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong. It was then announced in the weekly NXT Injury Report, which is sometimes just for the storylines, that Dream was not medically cleared to compete due to undisclosed injuries from the attack. That was the last we heard from WWE on Dream’s status. The week before that the Injury Report noted that Dream was suffering from “lumbar pain” due to his previous match with Strong. NXT General Manager William Regal did note on TV that it may be a long time before Dream is back in action.

Besides the updates from WWE, there had been talk from within WWE that Dream had been suffering from legitimate back pain. In an update, Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Dream was expected to be out of action for a few months, which would likely put him back in action in late 2019 or the first of 2020.

One SmackDown Superstar who may get involved in the war with NXT is Elias.

It was reported in September that Elias was expected to be returning to the ring in late October, before the first of November. That return still has not happened, but Meltzer noted that he should be back any day now. WWE reported several weeks back that Elias was suffering from an ankle injury, which led to Shane McMahon replacing him in the King of the Ring tournament.

Elias appeared in a segment with Shorty G (Chad Gable) in September and it looked like they were about to start feuding, but the feud was apparently dropped out of nowhere due to the injury.

Stay tuned for updates on the returns of Elias and Dream.