Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s recap of WWE’s The Bump. This show airs every Wednesday at 10 AM EST on the WWE Network, as well as on WWE’s official YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages. Join Kayla Braxton as well as several other panelists who discuss everything and anything that is going on both in and out of the WWE ring.

Trish Stratus Joins In-Studio

The panel begins by discussing Stratus’ 15 year anniversary of when she competed against Lita on Monday Night RAW for the women’s title. She’s glad that she could pave the way for the women’s roster now, especially being the first woman to main event a live television show.

Next, they show a clip of Stratus’ “WWE 24” episode, which will be airing this Sunday after Starrcade. In the clip, Stratus is explaining to her children that she will be wrestling one last time at SummerSlam.

Social Media Polls:

With Stratus, the panel discuss the polls they made online, including:

The WWE Universe has until the end of the show to vote on the categories above.

Stratus’ Thoughts:

-She was very impressed with the NXT women’s WarGames match.

-The best moment to her was when Rey Mysterio and Dominik teamed up at Survivor Series.

-Says Rhea Ripley was the MVP over the weekend.

-She concludes her vote by saying that the best TV moment of November was when NXT invaded Friday Night SmackDown.

Breaking News

-Ric Flair will be on “The Kevin Owens Show” at Starrcade.

-Ricochet will be joining The Bump panel next week.

The New Day Joins In

Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods join via video camera.

Woods says that his recovery process is going well. He starts physical therapy next week. He’s excited to start their new podcast “The New Day (Feel The Power),” which premieres next Monday.

After, they discuss their debut on the main roster several years back and how the fans were not into it.

Big E is asked if he’ll ever do a singles run. He says if the chips fall that way, maybe. He also adds how he hates complements. He just loves what he does.

Woods’ goal when he returns is to compete in the King of the Ring tournament.

They conclude their interview by saying how glad they are that they all get along so well. Matt Camp takes down the “UpUpDownDown” sign in the studio, which makes Woods furious.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching and Happy Thanksgiving!