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– Looks like there are audio issues as the show gets started.

Dustin Rhodes and The Young Bucks vs. Sammy Guevara, Santana, and Ortiz

Rhodes has Young Bucks-esque wrestling gear on.Things break down in a hurry as everyone goes after each other. Superkicks to Santana and Ortiz, sending them to the outside. Triple superkick to Guevara. Nick with a big splash to the floor on all three opponents. Rhodes with a cannonball off the apron as Nick leaps off the top rope, taking everyone out. Back in the ring, Matt eats a kick from Guevara. Matt with multiple northern lights suplex on Guevara, then hits one on two guys, then tries for three! Doesn’t get all three and ends up taking a buckle bomb and multiple clotheslines in the corner.

Inner Circle then with the super stalled vertical suplex, but Matt ends up fighting out of it and dropping Guevara. Dustin tags in, clotheslines on Santana, drops down and lands a shot to the jaw, couple spinning powerslams. Guevara then gets in and Dustin needs a minute, he’s out of breath. Guevara then charges in and takes a spinning powerslam. Dustin heads to the top rope and hits a diving crossbody on all three opponents. Dustin then hits a canadian destroyer on Santana! Cover, Ortiz breaks it up, but gets tossed out of the ring.

The sock full of baseballs come into play, knocking Dustin to the mat. Guevara heads to the top rope and hits the 630 senton, crushing Dustin in the process, cover, two! Guevara charges in, eats the top turnbuckle, Nick tags in and hits a flurry of kicks, Matt sneaks in and hits a spear on Sammy. Nick and Matt with some tandem offense, cover, Ortiz breaks it up. Fights break out on the floor. Knee drop/powerbomb combination on Matt, cover, Dustin breaks up the pin. Crowd really into this match. Sammy now took his phone for some vlogging and goes up to the top rope. He goes for a shooting star press and eats a double superkick. Dustin then takes the phone and gets a selfie. Nick gets to the top rope kicks the back Santana and Ortiz (who then receive piledrivers by Matt and Dustin) as he falls down Nick then lands a senton on Sammy. Matt gets the pin on Sammy for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Dustin Rhodes and The Young Bucks via Pinfall

Trent (with Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy) vs. Fenix

Trent looks for the dude buster early on, Fenix counters with the roll-up, one-count. Fenix goes for the roundhouse kick, Trent avoids it for a stalemate. Fenix uses his agility to trip Trent up, forcing him to crash down on the turnbuckle, kick to the back of the neck, cover, two. Fenix controlling things for a bit, goes for a dropkick off the top rope and takes a dropkick instead. Trent with a half-and-half suplex.

Out on the floor, Trent gets sent into the barricade, but comes right back with a spear. Back in the ring, back elbow, tornado DDT, pin, two-count. Fenix with a monkey flip, holds on, and is able to flip over and hit a powerbomb for a two. Fenix with a forearm, heads to the top rope, ran the top rope and landed a kick to the head. Fenix able to return fire with a lariat.

Both end up on the apron, Trent looks for a piledriver, Fenix with a kick, hops to the top rope, dances on them a bit and hits a double stomp to Trent’s back, driving him into the apron. Fenix up top again, but Trent gets the knees up on him. Running knee by Trent, piledriver, cover, two. Fenix with a nice cutter, step-up spinning kick, Black Fire Driver (Muscle Buster spun to a Michinoku Driver) for the win.

Winner: Fenix via Pinfall

– Cody makes his way through the backstage area to the ring to talk with Tony Schiavone. Cody reminds the fans that he can never challenge for the AEW Title again. Says last week wasn’t much better when he go attacked from The Blade and The Butcher. Cody says when he usually raises his hand up, the people who were there are no longer. Dustin is in a blood feud with the Inner Circle, Brandi is cutting off the hair of women on the roster, and MJF kicked him between the legs. Cody says to Butcher, Blade, and Bunny that they could have just asked for a match, but he gets it. Cody says they can have a match whenever, and they can even pick his partner.

He switches back to MJF and says MJF says he won’t wrestle Cody, but that won’t stand and owes it to Cody to have a match. Cody says he remembers when he brought MJF along when he was told he was too short, a “bush league nWo Chris Jericho,” even someone who wore a fake scarf. Cody says he’ll offer up his Ford Black Ops (only 300 made), how about an expensive watch gifted to him from Tony Khan, his red bottom shoes, and some cash. Justin Roberts heads into the ring with a briefcase with $50,000 in it. To prove it, he has Justin Roberts give a young fan in the front row a $100 bill. Cody says he’s going to take out MJF, all he has to do is name his price, the fans want it, and so does he, “Let’s do this!”

– Backstage, Alex Marvez asks Joey Janela why he wants to face Jon Moxley tonight. Janela says he wants to make a name for himself and he was one of the first to sign with the company, but But since that time, he’s been put on the back burner. Janela reminds Moxley of their unsanctioned match at Fyter Fest, but tonight it counts and the lights are on. Janelas says this time “You’ll have to kill me.” Moxley shows up during the interview, looks at Janela for a moment, says “Kids…” and walks off.

– Vignette for the Dark Order. We see some unhappy guy on his computer, signing up to join the group. Cut to Evil Uno bringing him into the group in an outdoor ceremony at night. We see the guy from the first couple vignettes. He’s asked if he’ll leave his loved ones behind for the group, he says yes. He’s asked what his motive is to be in the group, “I just wanted friends.” Grayson ends up kicking him in the face and the minions attack him.

Nyla Rose vs. Leva Bates (with Peter Avalon)

Bates immediately eats a kick to the face and is draped over the top rope. Rose heads to the top turnbuckleand hits a flying knee to the side of the head. Rose looks for a beast bomb, but Avalon comes into the ring and “shushes” Rose, she just grabs his finger and twists it. Bates grabs a book, smacks Rose in the back, but it does nothing. Rose ends up double chokslamming both Avalon and Bates. Rose with a beast bomb for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Nyla Rose via Pinfall

– Post-match, Rose hits another beast bomb on Bates. She looks for another one, but Shanna climbs to the top rope and hits a diving crossbody on Rose. Shanna with a flurry of strikes, superman elbow strike, but Rose finally stops her and hits a powerslam. Shanna was looking to get some revenge from last week when Rose powerbombed her through a table during a fan meet and great. Rose heads out and brings a table into the ring. Rose ends up putting a referee through a table, then powerbombs Shanna on him. Cameras cut to Britt Baker who was watching from the crowd, doing the same pose she did at NXT TakeOver: WarGames when Adam Cole got dropped through two tables off the top of the cage by Tommaso Ciampa.

– AEW World Champion Chris Jericho heads to the ring with Jake Hager (who has a bottle of the Little Bit of the Bubbly and a clipboard with him). Jericho rips on the crowd a bit to get things started. Jericho says he has to have one more match to close out the year, but he gets to pick his opponent. “I put together a little list,” the crowd pops, he says “calm down, it’s not 2016.” He then shows off “The Lexicon of Le Champion.” He runs through a bunch of names that he could face, saying “Moxley” a bunch of times along the way. Out from the back come Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Marko Stunt.

Jericho says he was just about to get to them, and lists “Dinosaurs.” Luchasaurus growls, and then tells Jericho he has a Master’s Degree and that dinosaurs have been marginalized for 65 million years. He then gives props to Stunt, but it’s neither of them who want Jericho. It’s Jungle Boy. Jericho then rips on him, says he hasn’t even won a match, is a mute, and is a “piece of s—.” Jericho says Jungle Boy couldn’t last ten minutes with him. Jungle Boy takes the mic and says he knows he can last 10 minutes and will kick Jericho’s ass, he then slaps Jericho. Brawl breaks out with Jurassic Express standing tall in the ring.

Hikaru Shida vs. Kris Statlander

Back and forth action to get things started. Things spill out to the floor, Shida with a running knee off the apron, Back in the ring missile dropkick on Statlander, cover, two. Crowd very much behind Shida. Statlander with a scissor kick, cover, two. Statlander with multiple kicks, cover, two. Shida with a knee strike, but Statlander returns fire, planting her to the mat, cover, two. Statlander then lands an inverted piledriver to pick up the win on the number one contender!

Winner: Kris Statlander via Pinfall

– Post-match, Brandi and Awesome Kong comes out and talks a bit. Brandi says people love what they don’t understand, and people have been clambering for answers about what they are up to. Brandi says her and Kong make up the Nightmare Collective and they are looking to grow. Brandi talks to Statlander and asks her to pledge herself to the group. Brandi says to do it right now and then Awesome Kong moves in as Statlander hesitates. From the crowd a “fan” (Melanie Cruise, wrestler from the Chicago area) is asking to pledge. She’s allowed into the ring and offers her hair, Kong cuts a piece off and then a whole lot more.

Christopher Daniels vs. Pentagon Jr.

Daniels looks to get the early attack in the match, but Pentagon recovers and drops Daniels on the ramp, much like he did previously. He clotheslines Daniels back into the ring and the match officially gets going. Pentagon takes firm control of the match through the commercial break. Daniels works his way back into it, kick, overhead release suplex. Daniels eats a spinning heel kick. Pentagon looks for a Canadian destroy on the ramp, no, but does hit an enziguri. Pentagon looks to jump in the ring and takes a dropkick.

Daniels goes for the Arabian moonsault, but messed it up and crashes to the ramp. Pentagon gets him in the ring, chop to the face, Daniels clock Pentagon and hits Angel’s Wings. Fenix then runs in and tosses Daniels’ mic stand in the ring. Pentagon tries to use it on Daniels right in front of the referee, but misses, so the match continues. Daniels gets it, thinks about using it, tosses it, referee goes to clear it out of the ring, Pentagon with a lowblow kick, and hits a package piledriver for the win.

Winner: Pentagon Jr. via Pinfall

– Vignette for The Blade, The Butcher and The Bunny. Bunny says last week was their first order of chaos, she says they are so sick of seeing Cody’s face everywhere and want to change that. “We’re here to cut the head off the snake,” she says.

Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela

Side headlock takeover by Moxley to get things started. Janela gets out of it and uses his quickness to drop Moxley. They then trade chops in the middle of the ring. Moxley knocked out to the ramp, Janelas with a double ax handle off the top rope. Moxley then lands a lariat, flipping Janela inside out. As we go to commercial, Moxley works over Janela in the ring.

Moxley with a release suplex, Moxley looking for the paradigm shift on the ramp, nope. Janela able to hit a big swinging DDT, sending Moxley down on the ramp. Moxley stumbles over to the floor, Janela with a suicide dive on Moxley. Janela heads to the top rope, Moxley looks for the paradigm shift again. Janela counters with a crucifix bomb for a two count. Moxley lands some knees, Janela with a discus elbow, they are just trading shots now.

Janela then snaps Moxley’s head back down on the bottom turnbuckle. Moxley is near the time table, Janela hits a crossbody, sending Moxley through it! He throws Moxley back in the ring, elbow drop off the top rope, cover, two. Janela can’t believe it. The two end up at the top rope again, swinging away. Moxley finally hits paradigm, sending Janela’s face into the top turnbuckle, he gives him another paradigm shift in the middle of the ring, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Jon Moxley via Pinfall

– Post-match, Chris Jericho’s music hits and Jericho comes out through the crowd (much like Moxley did last week to the champ). Jericho stares at Moxley with The Inner Circle standing behind him. Jericho holds up the title as the show closes.