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Jon Moxley vs. Alex Reynolds (with John Silver)

Moxley with a running knee and goes right into the paradigm shift, cover, and that’s it! That’s the fastest match in AEW history.

Winner: Jon Moxley via Pinfall

– Post-match, John Silver tries for the sneak attack and eats a DDT, too. AEW World Champion Chris Jericho’s music hits and out stroll the champion with the rest of the Inner Circle to the ring. Jericho says he’s just here to talk. He recalls their long history, talks about Moxley coming to him “with your leather jacket and bowl cut hair.” Jericho says then they became enemies, but Moxley became a star. Jericho says he navigated Moxley to AEW. Jericho didn’t forget Moxley taking him out at Double or Nothing, but it showed him that Moxley still has a chip on his shoulder and is still a winner. Jericho says once again, Moxley needs him, crowd boos that and he tells the crowd to shut up.

Jericho says what if the Inner Circle and Moxley joined forces. He asks Moxley to join the group and brings out an Inner Circle shirt. Crowd isn’t for that move. Jericho says he wants Moxley to give it some thought, “talk with your lovely wife,” and the Inner Circle will be waiting for his answer. The champ continues that they could take over AEW, if Moxley wants that. Jericho puts the shirt on Moxley’s shoulder and backs away. Moxley looks to be considering it, but doesn’t give away much either way.

– Vignette shown for Young Bucks vs. Santana and Ortiz to hype tonight’s Texas Street Fight. Winner of the match will face AEW World Tag Team Champions SCU on next week’s Dynamite.

Cody and QT Marshall vs. The Butcher and The Blade (with The Bunny)

MJF with a picture-in-picture promo as Cody and QT make their way to the ring. MJF wishes Cody all the luck tonight, in his usual sarcastic nature. QT and Blade start things off, but Cody gets in there instead. Cody with a dropkick, then lands a bunch of punches to the face in the corner. Blade with a shoulder tackle, Cody returns with a spinning powerslam, cover, only a one-count. Butcher tags in, QT now wants to get in there, crowd with a “Cody’s partner!” chant. QT lands a slap, Bunny grabs his foot and QT goes out to the floor to get in her face. Blade tags in and hits a senton over the top rope and down to the floor on QT. Back in the ring it’s Cody and Blade, Cody ends up sliding out to the floor for a water break, Blad gets in his face and Cody spits some water in his face while the referee was distracted.

QT tags in and goes to work on Blade, but it’s short lived offense as Blade takes over during the commercial break. QT looks to make the tag, but Butcher pulls Cody off the apron. Butcher and Blade go to work on QT, cover, two. Butcher clobbers QT, but QT with a handspring enziguri! Crowd was surprised by that move. Blade tags in, charges in the corner, nobody home. Cody gets the tag, crowd goes wild as Cody kicks Blade, clothesline, uppercut, disaster kick to Butcher. Cody with another kick to Blade, heads to the top rope for a moonsault, cover. two.

Cody with a nice cutter, cover, another two. The Bunny gouges Cody’s eyes, QT tags himself in pop-up forearm that sends Blade out to the floor. QT with a handspring flip over the top rope and takes out both opponents. He throws Blade back into the ring, cross rhodes hits. Cody with a suicide dive on Butcher. QT with a twisting senton, cover, two! Crowd thought that was it. Butcher drops Cody on the apron and he goes out to the floor. QT has to fight off both opponents. Blad hits a stunner, lariat by Butcher. Suplex/lung blower combo, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: The Butcher and The Blade via Pinfall

– Post-match, Darby Allin marches down to the ring and gets in Cody’s face (who is sitting down on the floor after the match). Allin extends his hand and helps Cody up. He stares at Cody for a moment, nods, and goes to the back. Cody had noted his usual family/friends haven’t been around lately when he looks for someone to help him up.

– MJF heads to the ring with Wardlow. He tells one of the cameraman assistants to come in the ring, MJF says he noticed him laughing last week when Cody made fun of MJF’s cross rhodes. He tells the guy all he has to do is kiss the AEW Diamond Ring, which he does. MJF then gives him a cross rhodes and tells the crowd he thought that looked pretty good. He calls the crowd “white trash hicks.” MJF says he heard Cody’s business proposal, and doesn’t want Cody’s crap or his money. MJF says he’s got enough to last him a lifetime. MJF wants Cody to suffer, instead. MJF brings up Cody calling him a “knockoff Chris Jericho.”

MJF wonders if it’s the scarf, Cody called the scarf fake, but MJF says Cody embodies “fake” with his hair and his “teeth that you could land a helicopter on.” MJF then makes fun of Cody’s lisp, “Oh! Suffering succotash, Cody! I’m sorry did I offend you?” MJF says with a lisp. MJF knows Cody won’t fire him because he definitely couldn’t get his hands on him then. MJF then says he’ll wrestle Cody, but he has some stipulations. He won’t announce them tonight, he’ll do it in Jacksonville on January 1.

– Alex Reynolds sitting his hotel room with the TV on. On it is the Dark Order spokesman, but he’s talking about the hotel amenities. He then suddenly says “aren’t you tired of being a jobber, Alex?” He then “taps” on the TV and gets Reynolds’ attention. He says the Dark Order has been watching him and John Silver lose a lot, and it’s time to join the group, strength in numbers. The spokesman goes back to talking about the hotel. Silver walks in and asks him what’s up, Reynolds says he isn’t really sure.

Big Swole vs. Emi Sakura

This is Swole’s debut on Dynamite. Hikaru Shida (number one in the rankings) is in the crowd to watch the match. Swole offers up a strength test right off the bad and easily has the strength advantage. Swole with a forearm, dopped Sakura, delayed heel kick, cover, two. Sakura is up and whips Swole across the ring, not once, but twice. Swole with a kick and then a punch to the face. Sakura drops Swole, back rake, goes into a surfboard, bending Swole backwards.

Sakura takes over the match, gets the “we will, we will, rock you” chants going, and hits a diving crossbody in the corner. Sakura with a tiger driver in the middle of the ring. Sakura then brings her mic stand into the match, but Rick Knox wants to take it away. Swole comes in from behind, but Sakura locks in an abdominal stretch. Knox finally takes away the mic stand. Swole tries for a kick, she throws the kick down and she does a split, then sings a bit into the mic. Swole then lands a big spear. Swole on the apron, kick to the head, looks for a slingshot spear, but gets caught in midair, spinning neckbreak, twisting vader bomb, cover, two. Sakura tries for a moonsault, nobody home. Swole with an ax kick, nope, but lands a bunch of elbow strikes. Sakura with chops and punches, but eats a big pump kick to the face, cover, two. Swole with a ripcord forearm to the face, pin, 1-2-3.

Winner: Big Swole via Pinfall

– Post-match, cameras cut to Shida who looked surprised at that win. Sakura was number three in the ranks.

– Backstage, Jen Decker talks with PAC. She wonders what message is PAC trying to send to Kenny Omega. PAC says he came to the company for one reason: opportunity. Yet since he’s come here he’s only suffered injustice, despite putting on dominating performances. He says this is his final warning, he wants the rubber match again Omega. If they don’t give him it, he won’t be held accountable for what he does next.

Kip Sabian (with Penelope Ford) and Shawn Spears vs. Kenny Omega and Hangman Page

Spears looks behind him before heading to the ring, but no Tully Blanchard to be found. Somewhere backstage, Blanchard cuts a promo though, he talks about putting together a great tag team and says Spears is going to test Sabian to see if they could become the best tag team in the world. Page and Omega starting strong against Sabian in the early part of the match. Omega taken to the floor, but Page fights off both opponent, dropkick off Spears right into a moonsault press on Sabian, two-count.

Sabian and Spears working over Page during the commercial break. Page able to tag Omega in who hits double sledges on his opponents, then a low double dropkick into a double kotaro crusher. Both out to the floor, Omega looks to fly by Ford gets in his way. Spears attacks from behind and Sabian gets back in there, goes for a cover, two. Crowd with a “Kenn!” chant. Sabian with a hurricanrana, Sabian charges in, ends up on the apron, hits an enziguri. Ford with a hurricanrana off the apron on Page. Sabian with a swinging DDT on Omega in the ring, cover, two.

Referee gets distracted by Spears, Ford with a handpring into a back elbow on Kenny. Sabian with a fisherman’s suplex, two-count. Sabian looks for deathly hallows and eats a knee to the face. Sabian with a kick and takes a v-trigger, both men down. Spears looking for the tag, but the lights go out. On the stage is Tully Blanchard tied up in a chair (with Janela’s shades on) with Joey Janela laughing behind him. Spears runs up to the stage and fights with Janela. Spears frees Blanchard, but Sabian is now without a partner. Omega with a snap dragon suplex. Omega with a big v-trigger. Page blind tags himself in for the buckshot lariat, cover, 1-2-3. Omega looks a bit annoyed at first, but shrugs it off and seems to be okay with it since they got the win. Omega and Page shake hands, then celebrate a bit.

Winners: Kenny Omega and Hangman Page via Pinfall

– Vignette for Brandi Rhodes, who asks what the women’s division would look like without her. She wonders if AEW Women’s World Champion Riho has gotten so small that we can’t even see her now, wondering why she hasn’t defended the title recently. Brandi rips on Britt Baker, says she’s a “pathetic groupie” with how much she mentions her boyfriend (Adam Cole). Brandi tells Kris Statlander the offer is still on the table to join the group as Melanie Cruise enters the scene (now with a shaved head). Brandi looks to have added a new man to the Nightmare Collective, but his back is to the camera and she says not yet.

– AEW World Champion Chris Jericho and Jake Hager joined commentary, they boot Tony Schiavone and Excalibur from the table.

Sammy Guevara vs. Luchasaurus

Back and forth action early on. Jericho talks some trash about next week’s opponent, Jungle Boy. Jake Hager hasn’t said a word on commentary. Guevara with multiple kicks, big forearm, heads to the top rope, but gets kicked down to the floor. Luchasaurus takes over the match during the break. Guevara with a spinning heel kick, big knee, another kick to the head. Sammy heads to the top rope, moonsault, nope, stnading moonsault, no, tries again and gets caught by the throat. Luchasaurus plants Guevara face first, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Luchasaurus via Pinfall

– Post-match, Jericho and Hager run to the ring and start brawling with Jurassic Express. Jericho and Jungle Boy pair off and battle in the ring. Jericho thinks he’s tossed Jungle Boy out of the ring, but he comes back in and hits a snap hurricanrana, Marko Stunt slides in for the fake 1-2-3 count. Jericho is not happy though about what just happened.

The Young Bucks vs. Santana and Ortiz (Number One Contender Street Fight for the AEW World Tag Team Titles)

Before the match can start in the ring, Santana and Ortiz sneak attack the Young Bucks. Brand Cutler comes out to try and help, but gets powerbombed through a portion of the stage. Sammy Guevara comes out to help his Inner Circle member. A table is put up and Santana attempts to climb up and fly, but he’s sent off the stage momentarily. Matt and Nick hit the Indie Taker on Sammy on the stage. Ortiz is dropped and put on the table. Matt punches away as Nick hits a senton off the top of the entrance! He goes for the cover, two. SCU is ringside watching the match, Santana talks some trash to them, but Matt swings away at him.

Action in the ring now as Santana uses that loaded sock to drop both opponents. Ortiz brings in the garbage can and puts it over Nick. He then swings the loaded sock on the can. Matt goes in with a football helmet to block the shots and hits a spear on both guys. Santana goes through a table, Ortiz with a senton cannonball to the outside, putting Nick through a table.

Nick with a 450 splash, putting one guy through a trash can. Cover, Hager runs out and yanks the referee out to the floor. Nick goes to kick Hager and clocks Rick Knox. Dustin Rhodes runs out and attacks Hager, they fight to the back. Matt and Nick drop Ortiz with a buck bomb / kick to the back of the head. Young Bucks look to have it, but no referee. Aubrey Edwards runs out to make the count, but it’s a two count. “Aubrey!” chant from the crowd. Santana sends Nick through a table on the floor.

Matt swings away on Santana and Ortiz, goes for a superkick, but looks like Ortiz hit a lowblow on Matt. Trash can put down, street sweeper hits, cover, Nick pulls Aubrey out of the ring! She barks at him and gets back in the ring. Ortiz gets in her face,” Are you serious?!” Santana throws some chairs into the ring. Ortiz sets two chairs up in the ring. Santana looking for a street sweeper, gets knocked off and goes through a table on the floor. Nick with a cutter on the chairs on Ortiz. Double superkicks to Ortiz. Matt puts a chair in front of Ortiz’s face, Nick with a superkick. Meltzer driver to Ortiz on the chairs, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Young Bucks via pinfall and will face SCU for the AEW World Tag Team Titles on next week’s Dynamite.

– Post-match, SCU gets in the ring with their titles and faces off with Matt and Nick.