B. Brian Blair had a career that spanned over 40 years and just ended this past July. He wrestled for many of the top promotions in the world but is best remembered as part of The Killer Bees in WWE during the 1980s.

Blair talked about his favorite run with The Killer Bees when he was interviewed by Andy Malnoske of Wrestling Inc.

“One of my favorite spots was when they wheeled us out in those modified golf carts in modified underwear and you look around and see almost 100,000 screaming fans. That was a big rush at WrestleMania III,” said Blair. “Winning Survivor Series, winning the Jack Tunney Tournament ? you know we were promised the belts three times and that’s why I wound up leaving. Vince would always say, ‘The money’s in the hunt’ but you can only hunt so long before the people stop believing in you.”

Blair said he left and went into business by opening up Gold’s Gyms that helped him transform “from welfare to a millionaire.”

Both of the Bees took part in a battle royal to kick off WrestleMania IV which was held at the Trump Plaza in New Jersey. Future president, Donald Trump, sat ringside and Blair talked about Trump helping him to the back after getting bloodied.

“I squirted blood on Donald Trump at WrestleMania IV and his wife Ivana. He actually got a handkerchief and took me to the back because everybody was watching the match and they just left me there bleeding. Mr. Trump got up and put the handkerchief on me and was very cordial? I didn’t even know who he was, just some rich guy with wrestling at his place in Atlantic City,” admitted Blair. “He walks me all the way to the ramp way and waits on the ambulance with me.”

Tag team wrestling isn’t as prevalent as it was back in Blair’s day and he talked about what’s different and what’s missing from today’s tag team scene.

“It’s too much pinball and not enough psychology ? high spot, high spot, high spot. It’s like a movie ? if you don’t capture their imagination ? it’s like if you saw Superman and Batman fighting and the punch missed by two feet, you’re not gonna like that movie so much. We made sure that we hit people when we hit them, but we hit them in the right places,” stated Blair.

“We use the psychology that the bad guy can not outwrestle the good guy so he’s got to resort to heel tricks. At some point, the heels have got to stop the babyfaces and work a hold and they don’t do that. They miss the whole point.”

Blair talked about using that old school psychology in his last match in July and said the people loved it.

He was then asked about the other wrestling promotions on the scene and if any of them will ever seriously challenge WWE.

“WWE is the 800-pound and they’re gonna be very hard to dethrone as they’re a household name,” said Blair. “I wish AEW luck, just like ROH, NWA and all of the different promotions because it gives the boys an extra place to work. Competition brings out the best in others and if you’ve noticed since they’ve had the [Wednesday] Wars, the product has been upgraded.

“But I’ve got friends on all sides of the aisle so I’ve got to stay neutral.”

The Killer Bees only had about a three year run in WWE but they were still one of the top tag teams at the time. Blair talked about the possibility of The Killer Bees being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“I’m hoping 2020 is our year because it’s in Tampa, my hometown where I’ve been the County Commissioner at-large,” Blair said before discussing the municipalities of Tampa and what he’s accomplished. “?This is what I’m hoping. So, fans out there please write to WWE and tell them that The Killer Bees belong in the Hall of Fame because we do.”

Brian’s full interview with Wrestling Inc was included as part of a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded player at the bottom of this post, or viewed via the video player at the top.