Becky Lynch On Keeping Up With The Load Of WWE Content Each Week, Creative Changes She Would Make

As seen below, a fan has tweeted video of Seth Rollins and RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch taking questions at their Gorilla Position Live event in the UK last weekend.

Rollins was asked how involved Vince McMahon is with creative, and what he would do if he ran WWE creative. He chose to pass the question to Lynch, who commented on how much WWE content there is.

"Being a part of creative is so hard, right? We all have opinions and being a wrestling fan is hard, right? Because we all have opinions and we want to see things a certain way. There's so much content, there's so much friggin' content," Lynch said. "There's 7 hours of WWE a week, for crying out loud, and that's without a pay-per-view.

"I think I would give the wrestlers more freedom to talk and to be able to cut their own promos. Because we know ourselves, we know what our mission is, we know why we want to do things, we know why we don't like people. And if we don't know those things, then we shouldn't be in WWE, my God. Right?"

Rollins also commented on the massive load of weekly WWE content and called it crazy compared to other TV shows. You can see the full clip below: