Booker T Says The Rock Is The 'Best To Ever Do It' When It Comes To Promos

During the latest episode of The Hall of Fame with Booker T, the former five-time WCW Heavyweight Champion was asked about who he thinks has been a classic promo throughout the years.

Booker was quick to heap praise on The Rock, who the WWE Hall of Famer had a feud with when he first came into WWE back in the Summer of 2001.

"There have been so many great promos," Booker explained. "The Rock was the best promo guy that ever did it because he really knew how to capture the moment and when I say to capture the moment I mean he talked about the local area where we were, the stadium, where he went to eat, he took you on a story.

"When you do it like that you're just standing in awe, man."

Booker went on to talk about how The Rock was able to gain the ultimate fan reaction in terms of crowd participation – including singing along with him and saying catchphrases, which have become household terms today.

"There will never be any better," Booker said. "Guys like The Rock were good at what they did, I don't think there will ever be any better because those guys they ad-libbed a lot of stuff, but also back then we had a great writer by the name of Brian Gewirtz that worked with us and I tell you he was such a different dude, you watched him on the outside looking in and you would think get this guy out of here.

"But then, he was the smartest guy in the room. He had so many ideas in his head and I don't know where it came from but that guy worked with The Rock and myself so many times as King Booker and he really made that character come to life. He made it special.

"I couldn't have done king Booker without Gewirtz coaching me, writing for me and showing me the routes to take with that character each and every night. He would come to me with some stuff and it would sound so stupid and I would go and deliver it – every time I would change it a little bit – which he gave me the liberty to do. But he really put me in the light to shine at the highest level. I'm sure The Rock felt this as well."

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