Brian Hebner On The Montreal Screwjob, His Father Earl And His Uncle Dave's Falling Out With WWE

There's not just two Hebner referees in pro wrestling as besides Earl and Dave, Earl's son Brian has also been an official. He worked alongside his father in TNA and was also there with his father when the Montreal Screwjob went down in WWE.


Brian Hebner revisited that controversy when he joined Prime Time with Sean Mooney.

"Earlier that day before my dad knew anything, Bret came to him and said, 'Earl is anything squirrely going on?' And he said, no. He said, 'You swear on your kids you won't do anything to me?' He says 'Bret, I swear on my kids I won't do anything to you, I'm going in there like every other match brother. He said okay," recalled Brian.

"So then people wonder why there was so much heat with my dad and him, but there you go. I don't you think it was a matter of what my dad did. I think it was a matter of Bret talking to him before and finding out, swearing on his kids, which my dad would never swear on me and my sisters and that kind of thing. He would never do that, if he knew what he knew. He would run away from the conversation, if anything."


Earl and Dave were with WWE for about 20 years before being fired in 2005 for selling WWE merchandise without the WWE's permission. Brian talked about the falling out his dad and uncle had with the company.

"If anybody knows the details of what they were supposedly doing, which is the's minute compared to what people did to WWE and Vince McMahon. It's minute. And very, very petty comparative to what other people have done that have been into the the Hall of Fame," stated Brian. "And I mean, you can't bring back the two guys that were a staple in that company for 20 plus years to just acknowledge and say, whether you like me or not, let's acknowledge that. They did a hell of a job while they were there and what they were doing. I mean, to me, that would be like my highlight for not only my dad and my uncle Dave, because they did work hard for that company. They did sweat, blood, tears; they gave it all."

Brian was also a WWE referee for about five years and is no longer with the company. He wasn't a part of the merchandise situation but he revealed why he isn't a part of WWE.

"The reason why I'm not there, in my honest opinion, is because of what went down with my dad and my uncle, which is another, in my opinion, bullsh*t story. It is what it is and ultimately things happen for a reason. I'm not mad with it anymore, I'm not upset. I look back on it and thank WWE for the years that I was there, and I'm good now. I'm happy," said Brian.