Chris Jericho Holds Backstage Meeting About AEW Tag Matches

AEW World Champion Chris Jericho joined the Keepin' It 100 podcast and revealed he had to hold a backstage meeting with AEW talent to discuss the issues going on in the promotion's tag matches. In a number of matches wrestlers had been going in and out of the ring, without tagging, causing confusion on who exactly was the legal man during the bout.

Jericho felt it was necessary to remind everyone that tagging in and out was a necessary part of those matches, specifically bringing up the Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. and Fenix) who had been switching in and out of the matches. (h/t Cultaholic for the transcription.)

"I called a team meeting ? the lack of tags and normal tag team wrestling psychology drove me nuts," Jericho said. "It's sort of making excuses for The Lucha Brothers because tagging in and out, they're lazy, they don't care. They walk in and out whenever they want and it's not right. They would make excuses where they would say, 'Oh, it's lucha libre style.' That's funny, I worked in Mexico for two years and guess how you make a tag in a lucha libre match? You stand in the corner and you wait for a guy to touch you and you walk in.

"I called a meeting with the whole crew and said 'You're burying the ref, if you don't have any rules, you don't get any heat, and it's killing our show because our honeymoon period is over, and now people are watching us and they're being confused by the lack of rules.'"

Jericho said once they had the meeting that seemed to clear up any confusion the wrestlers had.

"Once we had a couple of talks with them, guess what they started doing? They started tagging," Jericho stated. "Maybe it was a habit or maybe nobody told them. You have a whole locker room of guys that have just worked indies their whole career and they don't know little things."

Jericho is scheduled to face Jungle Boy in a non-title match on this Wednesday's AEW Dynamite in Corpus Christi, Texas.