CM Punk On The Liv Morgan - Lana Storyline, Punk On What He Wants WWE To Quit Doing During Angles

WWE Backstage analyst CM Punk took to Twitter this week and commented on the big brawl with Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens going against Seth Rollins, The Authors of Pain and security.

Punk responded to a clip of Owens diving off the top to land on a group of security and Superstars down below.


"Can we stop with the giant group of people standing around looking to catch someone while someone jumps on them? Leave that s–t in this decade. Dare ya," Punk wrote.

Punk later made another tweet on representation in WWE, which appears to be a reaction to the new romance storyline between Liv Morgan and Lana.

He wrote, "WWE needs to hire people who actually understand what representation means to the audience they're trying to reach. But what do I know? I'm a bear, I suck the heads off fish."

None of the related WWE Superstars have responded to Punk's tweets as of this writing. Punk will return to WWE Backstage on FS1 for the January 21 episode.

You can see Punk's full tweets below: