On Twitter, the WWE on Fox account tweeted out an image of CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The account captioned the photo with, “There are few bigger dream matches in @WWE history than @CMPunk vs. @steveaustinBSR Who would’ve won if they ever locked up?”

Punk was tagged in the tweet, and it caught his attention enough to send a reply back. He replied with a GIF from his infamous “pipe bomb” promo where he waves at the camera breaking the fourth wall. WWE on Fox responded in kind with a Robert de Niro GIF from the movie Analyze This!

Punk has talked about the idea of a dream match with Austin in the past. During an appearance in 2012 on The Bower Show on 979ESPN, he said, “Well, I think everyone knows he’s stated that if he came back for one more match, there’s one guy he would do it with and it’s me. It’s immensely flattering. It puts me under a tremendous microscope, too. He’s also recently said things like I need to up my intensity.

“I think that’s just the ‘Rattlesnake’ trying to poke me and trying to stoke the fire so to speak. I’m going to be here, I’m not going anywhere. So, it’s a matter of whether he wants to do it or not.”

More recently, Punk admitted that Austin was a dream match for him, but not as “Stone Cold.” Punk told the 31 Thoughts podcast on Sportsnet that he would prefer wrestling Austin from his WCW run as “Stunning” Steve.

“Obviously everyone knows him as ‘Stone Cold’ – I would probably rather wrestle ‘Stunning’ Steve,” Punk admitted. “Yeah, he was the best wrestler at that time [in WCW], like ’94. There was nobody better. For the sake of the big match, I think CM Punk/Steve Austin from the attitude era. But I always felt like I was a man out of time and I was told that by a great many legends – Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race, Terry Funk, so many old school guys.

Punk is now back in a wrestling-related role as an analyst on the Fox Sports 1 series, WWE Backstage. Punk has stated that he is only under contract with Fox, but he has not ruled out an in-ring return.

Robert Gunier contributed to this article.