AEW Executive Vice President, Cody Rhodes, recently took some time out of his jam-packed schedule to speak with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT.

One segment of the discussion focused on the outcome of the 2013 Money In The Bank ladder match where the winner received an opportunity for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Although Rhodes was an odds-on favorite to win the match, former WWE superstar Damien Sandow emerged the victor that evening.

“I’m so far removed now I can give you a little bit of detail on this, and I hold no grudges and I’m not sour over it. But the two years prior to that Money in the Bank [2013], I was told I was winning Money in the Bank. This is two years in a row,” Rhodes revealed. “Two years in a row I was told in advance I was winning Money in the Bank and both times, it changed on the day.

“So, if you guys ever wonder why I get a little spicy every now and then – that’s a life-changing decision that you’re prepared for that then changes. You have to have very thick skin in wrestling sometimes, mine’s not that thick.”

Money In The Bank 2012 saw Dolph Ziggler defeat Cody Rhodes, Christian, Damien Sandow, Santino Marella, Sin Cara, Tensai, and Tyson Kidd for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship contract. 2013’s Money In The Bank would be Damien Sandow’s night, as he defeated Cody, Cesaro, Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose at the time), Fandango, Jack Swagger, and Wade Barrett to secure his own WWE World Heavyweight Championship contract.

Although Cody has won a total of six Tag Team Championships and two Intercontinental Championships in WWE, he never received a reign as the World Heavyweight or WWE Champion during his decade-long career with the company.

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