NJPW star KENTA posted a photo yesterday on Twitter, which Corey Graves replied, “Did you come back to show everyone your NEW gimmick?”

KENTA responded to him, “Who the f*ck are you??”

Tonight on Twitter, Graves responded to the backlash he received over his comment.

He tweeted, “Enough is enough. You are all literally the dumbest, saddest human beings on the planet. @KENTAG2S is my friend IN REAL LIFE. Get the f*ck over yourselves for missing the joke and go back to outraging over, I dunno, ANYTHING important.”

One fan replied to him and brought up Corey’s situation with Mauro Ranallo. The fan wrote, “You didn’t respond this fast to Mauro.”

He replied back to the fan, “Why would I respond on Twitter to someone who isn’t on Twitter?”

Below are the comments from both Corey Graves and KENTA: