- Above is the latest vignette with Sheamus, which aired on tonight's WWE SmackDown episode. The Celtic Warrior continues to preach about how he's returned to find SmackDown full of weak competitors. He vowed fight and ravage anyone who gets in his way. There's still no word yet on when Sheamus will be back in the ring, but it should be soon.

- The dark match before tonight's SmackDown from the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, North Carolina saw Carmella defeat Tamina Snuka.

- Tonight's SmackDown featured a segment where Drake Maverick was humiliated and then destroyed in the ring by Elias. The segment started backstage as Dana Brooke and Elias poked fun at Maverick. Elias even mentioned in a song how Drake's wife woke up in his bed. SmackDown then returned from a commercial with a furious Drake in the ring. This led to Elias hitting the ring and destroying Maverick, finishing him off with a low blow and a Drift Away. The segment ended with Brooke pinning Drake with her boot while Elias made the count.

Drake took to Twitter after the show and reacted to the segment.

He wrote, "I'd really like to know what I did to deserve any of that? #WWE #SmackDownOnFox #SmackDown"

This isn't the first time WWE has humiliated Drake in a segment as they previously had him urinate on himself, and they did the whole "can't consummate my marriage" storyline earlier this year.

You can see Drake's full tweet below, along with shots from the SmackDown segments: