Dustin Rhodes Says He's Embarrassed By Botched AEW Spot

Dustin Rhodes took to Twitter earlier today and said he was embarrassed by what happened with the botched strikes from the masked man during the AEW Dynamite segment with The Dark Order and The Elite on Wednesday night.

Dustin, who was on the receiving end of the botched strikes, wrote in a now-deleted tweet, "It's almost 2020, and I am embarrassed at what I just saw in the great business that I still protect to this day. Please learn how to punch. Or, better yet, come to my class that I hold weekly and I will teach you."

Rhodes deleted his original tweet on being embarrassed, and posted a follow-up, because he thought the masked man had come forward. Indie veteran Arik Cannon tweeted that he was the masked man, but it seems that he was just joking because he is much larger.

Cannon wrote, "You guys... It was me. @dustinrhodes is a legend, one of my all-time favorites, he was already bleeding, and I was just trying to take care of him."

Rhodes wrote in his follow-up, "I deleted that tweet because he has come forward. Thanks. Work on your frickin punches. There are always going to be those out there that try and bring others down. When you see people exposing our business, call em out."

There's still no word yet on who the masked man was, but apparently it was not Cannon.

The botched segment has been one of the hottest topics on Twitter this week as several stars weighed-in, including Randy Orton, Tama Tonga, plus WWE Hall of Famers Trish Stratus and Mark Henry, among others.

You can see the related tweets from Cannon and Rhodes below, along with the other comments from Orton, Tonga, Henry and Stratus: