As previously noted, AEW World Champion Chris Jericho recently welcomed to Talk Is Jericho former WWE Superstars Enzo Amore and Big Cass, also known as nZo and CaZXL. Among many other things, nZo talked about not blaming Triple H for wanting him gone from the company. The NXT boss frequently warned young talent about the trappings of fame.

"That's what Hunter was fearful of, so I don't blame Hunter for being the guy that wanted me gone when s--t hit the fan because he didn't want me in that situation. Do you know what I'm saying? I put myself in the situation where something like that could happen and he knew that could happen."

nZo continued, "I put myself in that situation. I own it and I'm sorry to the people I disappointed with the outcome of the situation. But I didn't even go into the situation thinking that it was a possibility, and that's my fault because you need to have that in the back of your mind when you're a celebrity."

When asked how nZo and CazXL got back together, CazXL suggested that someone from Sinclair Broadcasting called nZo about working the G1 Supercard show in Madison Square Garden.  

"Yeah, so I guess nZo on a random day, gets a phone call from somebody, gets a call from somebody under the Sinclair Broadcasting umbrella. Then he calls me." CaZXL added, "no, no, someone from Sinclair Broadcasting."

CazXL shared that the G1 Supercard was one of the best night of his life.  

"One of the greatest nights of my life," CaZXL recalled. "I've got to tell you this. I'll just say it, dude. When we got outside of Madison Square Garden, so security escorted us all the way and threw us out a side door. And I was so amped up on adrenaline, I wanted to go back in there and have another fight, but nZo was so blown up."

As for nZo and CazXL's current status with Ring Of Honor, CaZXL stated that 'The Realest Guys In The Room' got 'ghosted' by Ring Of Honor.  

"We got f*cking ghosted," CaZXL exclaimed. "I cut a promo on the Briscoes on Twitter after because I was shoot hot because the person we were in contact with, we didn't get a text that said, 'good job' or 'thank you' and didn't answer our texts. Yeah, completely f*cking ghosted. I just wanted a thank you because we went out there and there were 6 other people and very formidable dudes. It could have been [a 6]-on-2 ass kicking. We put our f*cking lives on the line for that and we didn't even get a goddamn thank you! That's what pissed me off the most! They didn't know what the f*ck was going on, so they could have beat the s--t out of us, 6-on-2!"

nZo, who is embroiled in a real life beef with NJPW's Tama Tonga, indicated that only 3 people knew of the MSG invasion angle.  

"I've got to tell you, this is a shoot, Chris. There [were] 3 people in the whole company of Sinclair and the guys on the roster working Ring Of Honor that knew that was happening. 3 total people. Security thought it was part of the show and they weren't smartened up." nZo added, "that should have been broken up way sooner."

According to CazXL, they were supposed to work the War Of The Worlds: Chicago show, but Ring Of Honor never contacted them.  

"Our next appearance that was scheduled - I'll say it - was we were supposed to be at the next show in Chicago [Illinois], War Of The Worlds, or something like that. That was our next appearance, got ghosted, then, I saw pictures from that event, and I don't know. Attendance didn't seem like it was very good for that show, so I was kind of mad." CaZXL said, "it was mind blowing to me why we got ghosted and why, like, we never got brought back."

Also during the podcast, nZo claimed that WWE tried to get in touch with him a month prior to Survivor Series.

"So, they had called me a week before [Survivor Series], bro. You'd know better than me, is that 01 number Vince [McMahon]'s office?" nZo asked Jericho. "So somebody called me from the WWE, and it might have been Vince. It was the office's number plus 1, so that's the first number outside of the generic office's number. I don't know who it is. Maybe they're calling me to tell me, 'hey, we've got some copyright issues' or something. Or maybe they're calling me to bring me back or something, but I had a few people in the office contact me about a month prior about coming back. Would I be interested, or where my head was at. Like, 'hell no, I'm in a different headspace, I'm not trying to come back.'

"I had bought Survivor Series tickets, that second-row seat about a month and a half prior, so I knew I was doing it. So by the time they called me, it was, 'do I answer this call, or do I show up at their pay-per-view?' And I knew, like I said, I wanted to book myself back into pro wrestling, and I wanted to be the nWo. But how do you do that in 2019 and make it real, and make it interesting, and make the world buzz? Well, let's throw a wig on."

nZo said he was unaware of the fact that talent can earn more money on the indies than being a contractor for WWE.

"I had no idea that you could make more money on the indies than you could in the WWE," nZo admitted. "I mean, I'm not even joking. Like, that to me was mindblowing because I went 572 days in between matches and not taking bookings. I'm like, 'how much money did I leave on the table?'"

Additionally, during the podcast, nZo shed some light on PAC no-showing RAW prior to his departure from the company. In nZo's view, the former Neville was working the busiest schedule in professional wrestling when he was on top of WWE's Cruiserweight division and wanted to be taken off 205 Live.

"That day Neville didn't show up to work, so he called me. See, you only know this because you're backstage. Me and Neville are best friends. Yeah, we'd drive together. Yeah, right. Isn't that funny? So me and Neville are best friends and the world has no idea. No idea! So the whole 205 Live thing was preplanned by me and him driving around making towns, talking about what we wanted to do. And what was the goal for him though? He just came off the heels of working the busiest schedule in pro wrestling because, if you remember, Neville was getting booked on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Monday on RAW, and flying to SmackDown when everybody was going home from RAW.

"So he was burnt out, bro, he was burnt out, and he wanted to get off 205 Live and start working guys on the main roster that weren't in big spots. And when he had the conversation with Vince [McMahon], when he lost the [Cruiserweight] title to me at No Mercy, Vince said, 'I'm going to keep you on 205 Live' and that was not the plan. So Neville was like, 'well no, I'm not staying in 205 Live and I'm not turning babyface because [McMahon] wanted [Neville] to work face against me being heel.' And the goal for me was to keep Neville face and then when he drops the title to me, he doesn't get a rematch because of a clause in my contract that says he can't or whatever. So then he goes to the main roster. When he wasn't going to the main roster, he just didn't show up to RAW. And I was the only one talking to him that day, so I knew he wasn't there and I get the script handed to me. Enzo and Neville in the main event of Monday Night RAW. Neville's not even there."

nZo continued, "they changed the entire show about 30 minutes before. 5 minute before they open the doors, all of the cruiserweights are in the ring going over the finish to the new Kalisto joining 205 Live lumberjack match that was put together because Neville didn't come."

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