Above is a new clip from Sunday's post-TLC edition of "Broken Skull Sessions" on the WWE Network, featuring WWE Hall of Famers Steve Austin and Bill Goldberg doing a rapid fire segment.

Goldberg said his dream opponent was Austin, who he never got to wrestle. He also said his favorite opponent was Big Show because it was "awesome picking up a 500 pound dude" every night.

Below is another clip from the show with Austin playing a game of "one word" association with Goldberg. Goldberg's answers on various WWE Hall of Famers and Superstars went like this:

* Randy Savage - Slim Jim
* Hulk Hogan - Thank you
* Vince McMahon - Thank you
* Diamond Dallas Page - Mentor
* Brock Lesnar - Worthy opponent
* Paul Heyman - Godfather
* Sting - Mentor
* Ric Flair - Trailblazer
* Roman Reigns - Future
* Triple H - My boss
* Austin - My idol
* The Undertaker - I owe him a receipt

Goldberg's response on The Undertaker was apparently a reference to their bad match at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia earlier this year.

WWE NXT Superstar Matt Riddle, who has had his issues with Goldberg over the past few years, responded to the preview clip and said Goldberg owes Taker an apology for the match, not a receipt.

Riddle wrote, "You spelled apology wrong, you owe Undertaker an apology bro"

Goldberg has not responded to Riddle's comments as of this writing. You can see Riddle's tweet below: