John Cena is set to co-star in the movie "Vacation Friends," according to Deadline.

The comedy film will be released from Hulu and 20th Century Fox. Meredith Hagner and Lil Rel Howery are also set to co-star.

Clay Tarver, an executive producer of "Silicon Valley" on HBO, will make his feature directorial debut with the "Vacation Friends" movie. Todd Garner is producing the film under this Broken Road Productions company, which recently released Cena's "Playing With Fire" movie.

The movie is about a straight-laced couple that has fun with a rowdy couple while on vacation in Mexico. When they return to the United States, they find that the rowdy couple has followed them back home.

There's no word yet on when "Vacation Friends" will be released, but stay tuned as we will keep you updated.