Kane recently appeared on WWE’s “After The Bell” podcast with host Corey Graves and talked about how The Undertaker gave a rare out-of-character interview with WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin for his “Broken Skull Sessions” show on the WWE Network earlier this month.

The WWE veteran, who has been focusing on his job as Knox County Mayor in Tennessee, admitted that he has mixed feelings over the interview.

“Well, I think like everyone I have mixed feelings about it,” Kane said (H/T to Metro UK). “I think overall it’s good. We’re people, and we portray a character. And I think everybody knows that, of course. And I think sometimes that was taken so seriously that it was almost comic, right? Just, everybody knows that we’re characters on TV.

“And the great thing about a character like The Undertaker, or hopefully about Kane, is when the character comes back out people believe in the character.”

Kane also admitted that there is something to be said for someone like Taker being able to impart the wisdom he’s gathered over the course of a legendary career.

“I think that a guy like Mark opening up and talking about all of these different things, I mean, gosh what a perspective that guy has, right?,” Kane added. “And what knowledge, and he’s been there for everything and knows more about than almost anybody else. And he’s a great guy, he’s a really cool dude. So to see him be able to do stuff like that, I think is refreshing.”

Regarding social media, The Big Red Machine sees benefits to being able to connect with fans in-character or with his political career, but he also feels that there are disadvantages for WWE – mainly spoilers.

“I hate it when people come out [with] spoilers and all that stuff,” Kane said. “Because part of the allure of the WWE business is the fact that we’re out there throwing twists and turns, and trying to keep people guessing as to what’s coming next.”