The latest episode of the "Feel The Power" podcast from SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day is now online at this link. Kofi Kingston, Big E and the injured Xavier Woods discuss their health, Woods' Achilles injury, and their WWE futures.

Kofi revealed that he recently inked a new five-year contract with WWE. Kofi also talked about how beat up he is these days.

"When I go to play with my kids, we go to like an indoor sports facility at home, and I can't run down the field to play," Kofi said. "Like I can't run. In the ring it's cool, because it's... 16x16? Whatever it is. [Big E corrected him] 20x20, numbers aren't my thing. Whatever the number is, I can do that but as far as running down the field... my son will kick the ball and it's 10 yards away from me and I'm trying to like, to sprint to it, and I'm literally trying to put all my weight on one leg, and hobbling to try and get over there, and we're just kicking the ball around man, and I can't do it. I can't do it right now.

"And I'm not done, I just signed another 5 year contract. So, we got 5 years. So, who knows what my body is going to be like in that 5 years. My sons will be getting older and you talk about playing one-on-one basketball... we were at some gym and we [The New Day] played basketball with The Usos, it wasn't even a full court game, it was half court, 2 on 2, it took like 45 minutes to get to 7. We had to work that night and I'm just like, my hip, my lower back, I retired on the spot. I said that's the last game of basketball I'll ever play because I physically cannot do this. And it's scary, man, because there were days when I was younger and would play full court basketball all day long, all summer long. And I would be fine. I can't even get to a game of 7 in 2-on-2 on a basketball court, and I'm a professional athlete, and I can't do it. So, you gotta just be like more judicious with the movements and literally every step you take, every bump you take counts. It's just real scary, man, when you think about injuries like this."

Kofi also commented on how they are friends with a lot of professional athletes, and how they react to what the WWE schedule is like.

"We're friends with a lot of people who are professional athletes, too, and when we tell them about our schedules, and we talk about how we'll get off a plane and have a show that same night. If you were to tell an NFL player to get off the plane, go play a game... 'I'm not doing that.' You know what I mean? It's unconscionable. Its unconscionable," Kofi said.

Last night's WWE TLC pay-per-view saw Kofi and Big E retain their titles over The Revival in a Ladder Match.