WWE Backstage analyst CM Punk appeared on last night’s show and talked about the storyline with Rusev and Lana, saying he believes Rusev no longer wants to be involved with his wife on-screen.

Punk also fantasy booked a feud where Rusev and Bobby Lashley would become best friends and drinking buddies, which would lead to Lashley and Rusev teaming up to face Lana’s new tag team in a “Loser Keeps Lana” match at WrestleMania, with Lana hanging above the ring in a cage. Punk joked that Lana’s new team would be so sick of her by WrestleMania time.

Punk also tweeted on the feud and wrote, “Loser keeps @LanaWWE match. Just booked you through mania, chica. You’re welcome. @RusevBUL #WWEBackstage”

Lana took to Twitter this afternoon and accused Punk of making misogynistic comments on Twitter.

She wrote, “I know you’ve been away from @WWE for several years. Perhaps moving forward, you will favor #WWE and @FS1 by refraining from misogynistic comments like ‘chica.’ Thank you. #WWEBackstage”

Punk has not responded to Lana’s tweet as of this writing, but stay tuned as we will keep you updated.

Below you can see the related tweets and video of Punk discussing the feud on Backstage: