As noted, former WWE, ECW and WCW star Lance Storm officially started with WWE as a full-time Producer at Monday’s RAW in Nashville. Storm also worked this week’s SmackDown from Fayetteville and spoke to the WWE cameras about returning to the company for the new behind-the-scenes role. Above is video from the interview.

Storm was asked how it feels to be back with the company.

“Actually it’s really great to be back,” Storm said. “It’s been a long time and it really feels like coming back home.”

Storm was then asked about his new role and what it consists of.

“I’m a Producer now,” Storm confirmed. “So, mentoring advising, letting people pick my brain for the most part, I guess.”

Regarding the current WWE roster, Storm didn’t say too much when asked which Superstar stands out the most and which talent he’s most excited to work with, but he did reveal that he’s a big fan of SmackDown Superstar Shorty G.

“I like working with everybody,” Storm said. “But I’ve been a big fan of Shorty G for a while. I became a fan of his in NXT. He’s just so talented. He’s one of those guys where it’s like, ‘Man, why don’t our timelines line-up better?’ I would’ve loved to have been in the ring with him in my prime.”

Storm was then asked if that means he’s ruling out any in-ring action with WWE now that he’s back.

“Never say never,” Storm said. “But I would’ve liked to have been in my prime when I’m in there with him. I don’t think I could keep up as well as I used to. But there are so many talented people here and it’s just great. A lot of the people here, I’ve coached on different levels, back when I was doing guest spots at the PC, or way back when developmental was in Louisville, and I was teaching guys like Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Lashley. So, I’ve worked with a lot of these people before.”

Storm talked more about watching talents go from training with him when they first got into the business, to watching them reach the main stage with WWE. He was asked how that evolution is.

“It’s really rewarding, you know? Getting to plant those seeds early and watch them grow, I guess for an analogy. It’s really rewarding and there’s just something about this industry that you fall in love with, and as long as someone is doing it great, it’s awesome, and even just being a small part of that, and seeing that grow, it’s just awesome. It’s great,” Storm said.

Finally, Storm talked about working this new WWE role with wrestlers that he once worked alongside in the ring.

“The thing is… even back when I was working in different places, you know, way back when I first broke in, working in Japan. You separate and cross paths, and you pick up where you left off. So, even if it’s been 15 years, it’s like you saw them 15 minutes ago. So, you pick up where you left off, you give them a hug and a handshake, and you’re off rolling,” Storm said.

Stay tuned for updates on Storm’s WWE return for the Producer role.

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