The wedding of Lana and Bobby Lashley on tonight’s WWE RAW saw the return of Liv Morgan to the storylines.

The return of Morgan was unexpected as WWE aired another new teaser vignette for her “makeover” and return, as seen embedded above. WWE started airing the Liv vignettes several weeks back, hyping up her return to the women’s division. Tonight’s vignette, like the others, ended with a “To be continued…” teaser. In this week’s vignette, Morgan said someone once made her feel different, but then that person took it away. She said the old Liv would’ve done something impulsive, but the new Liv is way more methodical. She also declared that she now strikes when she’s ready, and she thinks she’s ready. Morgan ended the vignette by asking the viewers if they also are ready.

Fast forward to the wedding segment, which actually closed the final WWE show of the decade. Lana has received loads of the wrong kind of heat during the storyline with real-life husband Rusev and Lashley, but some are calling tonight’s wedding one of the worst RAW finishes in show history, and the worst WWE wedding in history. The wedding officiant finally made it to the part of the ceremony where he asks if anyone would like to object to Lashley and Lana becoming husband and wife. A man came out and revealed that he was Lana’s first husband. The mystery man said tonight’s wedding is a sham and should not continue as he and Lana got married the day she turned 18, which would have been in 2003. The man then said Lana left him for Rusev, and he warned Lashley that she would do the same thing to him once someone bigger and better came along. Lashley ended up manhandling the guy and driving him into the mat. The man rolled to the floor in pain and the wedding continued until a mystery woman came out to object as a worried Lashley looked on. The woman revealed that she was Lashley’s first wife (not ex-girlfriend & former WWE Diva Kristall Marshall) and said they got married back when Lashley was in the Army, which would have been the late 90s or early 2000s. Lana slapped the woman off the apron to the mat, and demanded that the officiant continue the ceremony.

The officiant asked one more time if anyone objected to the marriage and that’s when the former Riott Squad member made her return to the WWE storylines. Liv talked about how the love of her life was in the ring for the wedding, and how she could not have made it through the past year if it weren’t for their love. She said she came to WWE as a lost soul and a wild teen, and didn’t know she could be herself until she met this person and they fell in love with each other. Liv, still looking at the ring but not naming the love of her life, asked how this person could do this to her. Lashley yelled out that he had never met this woman in his life. That’s when Liv entered the ring and revealed that she was referring to Lana. Fans chanted “Liv!” as she dropped the mic and started crying, staring at Lana, who was also crying at this point. Lana slapped Liv in the face and that’s when they started rolling around on the mat, brawling until WWE officials and referees broke them up.

Lana finally got free to return to the ring, yelling at the officiant to wrap the wedding up. That’s when Rusev jumped out of the large fake that was on display in the ring, attacking Lashley. RAW continued several minute after 11pm ET for another overrun this week as Liv ran back into the ring and took Lana down again while Rusev put Lashley back down. The final RAW of the decade went off the air with Rusev and Liv standing tall in the ring.

Lana and Lashley were never declared husband & wife by the officiant. It looks like this could lead to a mixed tag team match with Liv and Rusev vs. Lana and Lashley, but there’s no official word yet on what direction they have in mind. It looks like the RAW wedding angle and mainly Liv’s return is receiving a lot of negative feedback from fans on social media. There had been a lot of anticipation on Liv’s return and a lot of hope that she was headed for a strong return program with a push in the women’s division, but tonight’s RAW seems to have left a lot of fans with a bad feeling about everything.

Stay tuned for updates on plans for Liv now that she’s returned, and what WWE has planned for fallout from the Lana – Lashley wedding. Below are several shots from the final RAW finish of 2019: