WWE RAW Superstar Luke Gallows got married right before the Christmas holiday on Sunday, December 22.

Gallows has dated a woman named Bethany Nobliski (or Bethany Gearhart) for a while now and became engaged to be married back in mid-November, according to a Facebook post by Bethany. Bethany changed her last name to Hankinson on Facebook over the holiday week, indicating that they tied the knot. Gallows’ real name is Andrew Hankinson. It looks like Bethany is from the same area in Georgia that Gallows is from.

Furthermore, Bethany, who works as a nurse, noted in a profile photo caption that her father “gave her away on 12/22 to Drew” and walked her down the aisle. Also, the “Relationship” section on Bethany’s Facebook page says she got married on December 22 of this year. Bethany’s Instagram page also says she is married and shows a profile photo of she and the big man of The OC.

Gallows has not went public with the marriage as of this writing, but below are a few photos of the happy couple. The first three photos were posted in November and the bottom photo is from this week: