- As noted, tonight's new episode of "Table For 3" will air on the WWE Network after RAW goes off the air, featuring D'Lo Brown talking about the Nation of Domination with WWE Hall of Famers Mark Henry and The Godfather. Above is a preview clip with Brown, who works as a producer for Impact Wrestling, talking about how his headshake came to be, and how the inspiration for it nearly landed him in hot water with Vince McMahon.

- WWE Producer Jamie Noble turns 43 years old today while wrestling legend The Great Muta turns 57.

- As noted earlier this week, Matt Hardy responded to a WWE tweet on the top 5 returns of the past decade and thanked WWE for including The Hardy Boys. He also mentioned that he knows WWE doesn't currently look at The Hardys as top-level talents.

A fan responded to Matt and wrote, "You ARE top talent. Age doesn't change that. Neither does a company that clearly doesn't know what to do with it. #teamextreme"

Matt then clarified his previous comments and said he still believes he is a top talent, but he needs the right forum and opportunity to showcase how he offers a unique skill set that no one else does.

"To clarify, I believe I'm still top talent. My VESSEL isn't as athletic as it was 20 years ago, but it's more entertaining. I offer a unique skill set that NO ONE else does. Just need the forum & opportunity to showcase it. I'm also a pretty good promoter, creator & ambassador," Matt wrote.

You can see the full exchange below: