MLW Fusion Recap (12/7): Hart Foundation Battles Contra Unit, Swamp Match, Battle Royal

Welcome to Wrestling INC's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight's show takes place from the GILT nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!

Recap of MLW's Thanksgiving special featuring Jacob Fatu defending the heavyweight championship against Ross Von Erich. Fatu would pick up the win after "Filthy" Tom Lawlor betrayed Von Erich, smashing him over the head with a steel chair. Lawlor would be caught screaming "f**k the Von Erichs" as the show went off the air.

Fusion intro song.

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion from Orlando. They tell us that Lawlor will explain his actions from last week. They run down the evening's card, including a swamp match and a tag team main event.

Our opening bout will be a battle royal. Dynasty member and National Openweight champion Alexander Hammerstone joins Bocchini and Kirsh on commentary.

Battle Royal

Several guys team up and toss Barrington Hughes over the top. Timothy Thatcher and Douglas James collide. Action all over the place. Zenshi barely avoids elimination by skinning the cat. Grogan, the newest Dynasty member, stands out as a giant, which commentary and Hammerstone continue to put over. Savio Vega and Dominic Garrini trade shots. All three members of Injustice are in there...they team up as much as they can. Ricky Martinez and Kotto Brazil form a temporary alliance...Grogan then promptly eliminates all of Injustice and Martinez.

Savio Vega and Leo Brien eliminate themselves continuing their rivalry from Saturday Night SuperFight. Gringo Loco is still in there, as he tangles with James. Richard Holliday powerbombs a local talent, then tosses him out. Zenshi goes for a springboard maneuver but Holliday pushes him out. Garrini sneaks behind and dumps Holliday. Grogan makes him pay and slams him out. Final four are Gorgan, James, Thatcher, and Loco. They team up on the bigger man but it breaks down quickly. Grogan chokeslams Loco over the ropes. (Very safely). James hits a superkick on Grogan to little effect. Grogan slams his face into the mat, then throws him over. Thatcher and Grogan are the final two.

Thatcher slaps Grogan across the face before unloading uppercuts. Grogan slaps him back. Grogan sends him to the apron...Thatcher applies an armbar but Grogan breaks the hold and nails a big boot to win.

Grogan wins the Battle Royal

Flashback to Myron Reed winning the Middleweight championship over Teddy Hart. Reed got the win thanks to an assist from Contra Unit's Josef Samael, who threw a fireball into Hart's face. That sets up tonight's tag match between the Hart Foundation and Contra Unit.

Advertisement for MLW Zero Hour in Dallas.

Cut to an interview with "Filthy" Tom Lawlor. He's asked how he could turn his back on his friends. "Most friendships that I'm in are mutually beneficial to both parties. If you remember was my war against Contra that brought the Von Erichs in to fight on my side. The Von Erich boys made it all about themselves." Lawlor is asked if he is loyal to Contra. "Perhaps the only thing that I dislike more than the Von Erichs, is Contra. There's one man on this earth that deserves my loyalty...that's me." What are his plans for MLW? "I've been looked over, I've been slept on. I've been passed up for opportunities. I could do whatever I want, there's not anything that Filthy Tom can't do." Promo ends with Lawlor asking how much pain MLW is willing to feel.

Bocchini runs down the history of the Opera Cup ahead of next week's opening round. Matches announced for next week are Davey Boy Smith Jr. versus Low Ki and Alexander Hammestone colliding with Dynasty mate MJF.

Filmed earlier this week...a swamp match between Savio Vega and Leo Brien.

Savio Vega versus Leo Brien swamp match

Brawling to start. Brien continues to go further into the swamp...he catches Vega with a bite to the head. He stomps Vega down. Brien picks up a bullrope and chokes Vega down. Vega gets a hold of the rope, which has a cowbell at the end, and hits Brien over the head. He picks up a huge branch and chokes Brien off a nearby gate. He goes for a headbutt...Brien rakes the eyes. Vega responds with a vicious combination before clawing at Brien's face. He picks up the cowbell again, smashing it off Brien's face. He ties Brien up with a rope and temporarily hangs him. Brien escapes...huge cowbell shot to Vega's head. Cover...only two. Another choke by Vega. He says he's going to break Brien's neck. Caribbean kick connects. That'll do it.

Savio Vega wins by pinfall

Afterwards Vega continues his attack and calls Brien a "dumb mother****er."

Elsewhere, the Von Erichs are interviewed by Kaci Lennox. Ross says he feels confused after Tom Lawlor's betrayal. "He was like a family member to us. He was like a brother." Marshall says he's pissed, and that he's sorry. He threatens that if he sees Lawlor in the locker room he's going to finish him.

A vignette announcing the return of ACH.

The closing moments of Fatu and Ross Von Erich's title match is replayed.

Commentary reminds us that MLW has recently partnered with AAA.

Main event time. Contra Unit is out first (Simon Gotch & Ikuro Kwon) accompanied by Josef Samael. The Hart Foundation is out second. (Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Brian Pillman Jr.) Here we go.

Contra Unit versus Hart Foundation

Kwon and Pillman begin. They shove each other before tying up. Kwon with a wristlock. Pillman breaks free and takes Kwon down. Headlock applied. Kick from Pillman. Pace picks up. Running elbow. Kwon takes advantage of a trip by kicking Pillman in the gut. Gotch tags in. He targets Pillman's ribs. Quick-tags by Contra. Kwon nearly wins the match after a superkick. Kwon chops Pillman in the chest. Vertical suplex from Gotch. He transitions right into an armbar after a pinfall attempt. Pillman breaks free but Gotch keeps the pressure on with a back suplex. Pillman reverses a Kwon Irish-Whip and hits a corner lariat. Huge flurry of strikes to Kwon. Smith finally gets tagged in. Powerslam. Tandem offense from the Hart Foundation.

Smith hits a stalling vertical suplex. Crowd counts to 30 before dropping Kwon. Gotch gets the hot tag. He lights Pillman up with strikes and locks him up in a rear naked choke. Smith goes after both Kwon and Gotch. He picks Kwon up for a running powerslam, then mounts Gotch for a corner 10-count. Big boot nearly decapitates Gotch. He drops a big leg for a nearfall. Pillman nails Kwon with a superkick. They call for the elevated hart attack...they get's over.

The Hart Foundation win by pinfall

Hart Foundation celebrate. Samael looks on disappointed.

That's the show friends.