Welcome to Wrestling INC’s recap of Major League Wrestling’s weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight’s show takes place from the Melrose Ballroom in Queens, New York. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!

Show opens with Dynasty walking into the arena. An interviewer asks how MJF and Alexander Hammerstone feel going up against each other in the Dynasty Cup tournament. Richard Holliday says his lawyer/father is attempting to fix that problem. “With Dynasty, there’s always a plan B.”

Fusion intro song.

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch welcome us to another edition of Fusion from New York. They run down the evening’s card, which includes a main event of Davey Boy Smith Jr. battling former world champion Low Ki in an opening round matchup for the Opera Cup.

Jimmy Havoc makes his way to the ring for his Prince of Darkness showdown with Mance Warner. Commentary recalls the rivalry these two have had over the last couple months. Ole Mancer is out second. Referee offers the cloak masks for both competitors. Havoc and Warner argue as to who should put their mask on first. After some hesitation, they both get it on at the same time. Fans applaud. Bell rings and this opening bout is underway.

Jimmy Havoc versus Mance Warner Prince of Darkness Match

Warner and Havoc slowly walk around the ring. Warner points and uses the cheers of the crowd to go after Havoc. Warner swings a haymaker but Havoc dodges. Warner grabs the referee…he feels his face and realizes it’s not Havoc. Havoc pulls the mask off for a second and attacks Warner. Referee separates Havoc screaming at him to follow the rules…he obliges. Havoc ground and pounds Warner, then climbs to the top. Warner moves early…since Havoc can’t see…he elbows the center of the ring. Warner lands some jabs, followed by a big elbow that drops Havoc to the mat. Havoc gains the upperhand after removing the mask once again…he hits a big right hand. Referee pulls Havoc back…Priscilla Kelly runs down and low-blows Warner behind the referee’s back. Havoc puts the mask on and nails the Acid-Rainmaker. That’ll do it.

Jimmy Havoc wins by pinfall

Commentary wonders why Priscilla Kelly is teaming with Havoc.

Cut to Tom Lawlor. He says he’s putting together a new team to take over MLW. Ross Von Erich appears. He and Lawlor brawl on the outside. Lawlor is able to push Von Erich into a bunch of boxes and run off.

Backstage…Alexander Hammerstone is interviewed regarding whether everything is okay within the Dynasty. Hammerstone says that the Dynasty are brothers, and there are no issues or problems. Behind them…Holliday and MJF are chatting about how important Vitamin C is. MJF tells the interviewer that Dynasty is just fine, then hands Hammerstone a gallon o juice.

Elsewhere, Mance Warner is furious about what just went down. Priscilla Kelly and Jimmy Havoc come out of nowhere and attack Mance Warner from behind. They beat Warner down, with Kelly driving the heel of her boot into Warner’s face. Warner is busted open as the segment ends.

An MLW exclusive shows new signee Gino Medina walking around being questioned whether or not he’s working with Konnan. He opens a door and Salina de la Renta appears. She seductively pulls him into the room and shuts the door.

Cut to MJF and Hammerstone talking in the hallway. MJF says he loves Hammerstone, then runs down a list of his accolades, including being National Openweight champion. MJF asks Hammerstone why he also needs to win the Opera Cup, and asks him to take a dive. Holliday appears yelling at his father for not getting the match removed.

Interview with Stronghearts. CIMA says he is very happy to represent OWE in MLW. They get jumped by the Contra Unit. Josef Samael shouts into the camera.

Back to the arena…Alexander Hammerstone makes his way out. He is not accompanied by MJF or Richard Holliday. Commentary informs us that Holliday was unable to get the match changed. MJF is out, Holliday comes with him. This one is official.

Alexander Hammerstone versus MJF Opera Cup Opening Round

MJF tells Hammerstone to lie down. Crowd boos. He gives him the finger poke of doom but Hammerstone refuses. MJF slaps him. Hammerstone dropkicks MJF, which sends him to the outside. Twisting con hilo from Hammerstone! He throws MJF back int he ring and climbs…missile dropkick connects. Holliday distracts Hammerstone from the outside allowing MJF to pull Hammerstone into the turnbuckles. He drives his shoulder into the big guy’s gut. Abdominal stretch from MJF. MJF uses the ropes for added leverage…Hammerstone hip-tosses his way out of it. He sends MJF across the ring with an overhead belly-to-belly. Delayed butterfly suplex for a nearfall. Crowd rallying behind Hammerstone. He calls for the nightmare pendulum. MJF thumbs Hammerstone in the eye but then runs into a pump kick…another one. MJF answers with a superkick to the leg, and one to the face but Hammerstone nails a huge lariat. Holliday distracts the referee and MJF takes advantage with a low-blow. He cradles Hammerstone…he kicks out. MJF goes for the Cross-Rhodes…Hammerstone counters and hits a sit-out powerbomb. That’ll do it.

Alexander Hammerstone wins by pinfall

Post match Holliday argues with Hammerstone. He helps MJF to his feet and demands that they hug it out. They shake hands…MJF collapses from the damage.

Promo from Injustice. They are unhappy that none of them were asked to compete in the Opera Cup. Reed says that he is the Middleweight champion and that feels disrespected.

Elsewhere, Ross Von Erich is still chasing “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. They fight near a gas station. Lawlor escapes Von Erich once again after poking him in the eye but Von Erich is still in pursuit.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. is interviewed prior to his showdown with Low Ki. Smith says that it may be cold in NYC, but in Canada it’s freezing. He calls Low Ki the most dangerous man in MLW, but that the Opera Cup runs through his blood, and it’s his time to shine. “I won the tag team titles in MLW, and next is the MLW Heavyweight title.” Interview ends.

Main event time. Commentary shows us the tale of the tape. Low Ki is out first, followed by Davey Boy Smith Jr. Here we go.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. versus Low Ki Opera Cup Opening Round

Knuckle-lock to begin. Ki goes for an early leg kick but barley connects. Both guys feeling each other out. Ki utilizes his striking game early…Smith with the clear power advantage…he powerslams Ki hard into the mat and stomps him in the gut. Smith wears the former champ down with a bearhug…Ki elbows his way out of the submission. He lays into Smith’s chest with stiff kicks…Smith catches one and elbows the knee. Big uppercut from Smith. He bounces Ki off the rope…Ki holds on and knees the midsection. Smith gets trapped in the ropes as Ki climbs…double-stomp connects. He goes for a slam…he can’t get him up. Smith lands more shots but Ki sends him to the outside and hits a catapult dropkick through the ropes. They brawl at ringside. Smith military presses Ki back in the ring. Ki surprises Smith with a summersault kick as he gets into the ring…Smith shakes it off and hits a snap-powerslam for a two count. Powerbomb attempt…he got him. Cover…Ki stays alive. Smith goes for a second…it’s blocked. Ki powerslams him! Both men are down. Ki to the top again…Smith jumps up and lifts him for the Oklahoma slam…Ki shifts into a sleeper hold…Smith is fading…Smith turns it into a pin…got him! Huge pop!

Davey Boy Smith Jr. wins by pinfall

The updated standings of the Opera Cup are shown. Smith will face nemesis Alexander Hammerstone int he next round. Low Ki gives Smith a handshake and a hug.

Back to Ross Von Erich and his pursuit of Tom Lawlor. Lawlor manages to get on a train to fully get away. Von Erich promises that this isn’t over.

That’s the show friends.