For the first time since 1948, the Opera Cup makes its return. Major League Wrestling is bringing back the tournament to determine who will win the Opera Cup trophy. Wrestlers from all over will grace the Melrose Ballroom, looking to make an impact. Stu Hart was the last one to win the award, who will be the latest name to make history?

Wrestling Inc. is on location to provide all of the information you need. Stay tuned for updates from inside the Melrose Ballroom.

Dark Match: Cris Calloway v. Doctor Dax – Calloway (200 pounds) attempted some offense but the 300lb Dax was too much from the start. Dax hit him with the chokeslam for the quick win.

TJP v. Brian Pillman Jr.

Huge ovation for Pillman to start the bout. both trade rest holds, attempting to get an advantage. They switch it up and both avoid swift kicks, and the crowd is now split between both. TJP puts Pillman into the Sharpshooter before transitioning to multiple holds to tire Pillman out. Pillman is able to fight out and works on the legs of TJP, but TJP snaps Pillman’s arm back, a la Pentagon in Lucha Underground. TJP goes for a senton but misses and now Pillman is running wild. TJP hits Pillman with a rope-assisted DDT, and superkicks him out of the ring. TJP hits a superplex from the top and a Brainbuster before locking the heel hook in. Pillman escapes to the delight of the crowd. Pillman hits a loud superkick and TJP hits an overhead suplex. TJP misses his finish and Pillman hits a modified neckbreaker for the win, advancing in the tournament.

Winner: Brian Pillman Jr.

After the bout, Alicia Atout interviews Pillman. He says tonight is the night things change. 2020 is his year.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. v. Low Ki

Both opponents shake hands as the bell rings. Some hesitation to start but Smith gets the advantage by controlling the arm. Low Ki threatens to kick his head off but Smith is fast. Low Ki then holds an armbar into the ropes to the delight of the crowd. Hard shots by Smith and he starts attacking Low Ki outside of the ring. Now overpowering him, Smith holds onto Low Ki with a bearhug. Low Ki starts getting some momentum, kicking Smith before the latter counters. Low Ki then hits a top rope stomp off of Smith, who was draped over the middle rope. He then hits a flying dropkick from the ring to Smith who is outside the ring. Smith somehow regains control before Low Ki kicks him to avoid further damage. Low Ki misses a stomp from the top rope and Smith hits a powerbomb for a nearfall. Low Ki goes up top again, but Smith headbutts him twice. Low Ki hits an innovative submission maneuver but Smith rolls him up for the win, advancing in the tournament.

Winner: Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Both competitors hug after the bout.

King Mo highlight video, showcasing his hits from Bellator MMA.

Timothy Thatcher v. Richard Holliday

Both lockup and Holliday swipes Thatcher’s face, prompting the latter to dropkick him. Thatcher then holds onto Holliday but not until the latter drops Thatcher on his neck. Holliday kicks Thatcher’s neck and starts attacking that part of the body. Thatcher then puts Holliday in a single-leg Boston Crab before transitioning into the Ankle Lock. Holliday goes for the quick rollup and dropkick to the pin but to no avail. Holliday tries kicking away but Thatcher is resilient. Holliday misses an elbow and Thatcher hits a few uppercuts and chops. Thatcher starts to get aggressive, and so does Holliday. Both trade blows before Holliday drops Thatcher with a DDT. Thatcher gets slapped and Holliday hits a backbreaker and spinebuster for two. Thatcher slaps the taste out of Holliday’s mouth and hits a suplex variation for two. Holliday and Thatcher battle on the middle rope and Holliday ends up on top, for only a nearfall. Thatcher then hits the armbar out of nowhere, forcing Holliday to quickly tap, advancing in the tournament.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher

MLW returns to New York City on July 16.


MJF v. Alex Hammerstone

Both Dynasty teammates hug it out beforehand. Both do the Fingerpoke of Doom spot, but nobody goes down. Hammerstone gets upset as MJF is taunting him and attacks. MJF gains control and starts track-talking Hammerstone, saying the crowd doesn’t care about him. Hammerstone gets the advantage and goes wild, hitting a delayed suplex. MJF slaps Hammerstone and eye pokes him. Hammerstone hits bicycle kicks but MJF kicks him down. hammerstone then lariats MJF and both are down. Holliday distracts the ref as MJF low blows Hammerstone, but only gets a two count. MJF teases a Cross Rhodes but Hammerstone avoids it and hits a Sitout Powerbomb for the win, advancing in the tournament.

Winner: Alex Hammerstone

Holliday, with AirPods, tries to make peace. MJF offers a handshake and Hammerstone accepts. MJF then drops to the floor to the delight of the crowd.

Tom Lawlor comes out to boos. He says all everyone wants to talk about is the Von Erich family. He calls them idiots, morons, imbeciles, dumb*sses. They only people dumber than them are the fans in the crowd. He says he sees a lot of fakes in the crowd, and two fake Von Erich’s. Lawlor questions whether they are even real Von Erich’s. He says he will face the greatest Von Erich. From the loins of Lance Von Erich: “Rip” Von Erich.


“Filthy” Tom Lawlor v. Rip Von Erich

Test of strength and Lawlor laughs it off. Lawlor is overpowering Rip, mocking him and the crowd. Rip tries a dropkick but misses and now Lawlor just stomps away. Lawlor hits the single-leg Boston Crab and then just destroys Rip in the corner. Rip tries something, but Lawlor hits the airplane spin. Rip tries The Claw but Lawlor blocks with a sleeper. Rip is unresponsive, giving Lawlor the win.

Winner: Tom Lawlor

Following the match, Lawlor calls the announcer Joe Rogan. He says he’s undefeated against the Von Erich’s, and will remain undefeated. Calls the fans scumbag city slickers, and says they will chant “Filthy Tom” and not the “Von Erich” name. The Von Erich’s arrive but the Spirit Squad comes out and beats down on them. Lawlor and the Spirit Squad stand tall.

* MLW World Middleweight Championship

Myron Reed (c) v. El Lindaman

Lindaman showcases his strength but when he attempts to chop Reed the vest gets in the way. Lindaman regains control after some stalling by Reed and has him in a leg submission. Reed takes control and starts hitting a springboard leg drop onto the chest of Lindaman. Lindaman then attacks Injustice with a moonsault over the top rope. Lindaman hits a series of sharp kicks for only two. He tries a suplex but Reed counters until Lindaman hits one again. Reed hits 1916 for two. Lindaman then hits a Michinoku Driver for only two. Reed hits a running ace crusher from the outside and a top rope splash for the win.

Winner: Myron Reed (and still)

AAA promo, promoting the talent they have. MLW and AAA have united in a special partnership. There will be supershows, talent swaps and more.

Injustice promo outside of the building, saying they don’t care about New York City. They say Big E from the New Day is corny. They hand out big L’s and justice. They are back inside, stating they should be celebrating Reed holding the championship. They said the guys in the back don’t like them and they have merch but it is not showcased with the other talent. Injustice is upset they aren’t in the Opera Cup. They aren’t going anywhere and start bringing chairs into the ring. King Mo comes out and confronts Injustice. He won’t accept their handshakes. As they are about to attack Mo, ACH comes out to help him out. He and Mo shake hands as Injustice exits the ring.

* King Mo and ACH v. Injustice (Kotto Brazil and Jordan Oliver)

ACH dominates from the start, dropkicking every member of Injustice. King Mo enters and starts kicking away. He then hits a modified leglock before tagging in ACH. Injustice takes over and starts double teaming ACH. ACH then slaps Oliver before attacking him on the ground. ACH then slaps Oliver. ACH is playing the face in peril for several minutes while King Mo is waiting on the apron. King Mo finally enters and slams Brazil, hitting innovative moves. Injustice then gets double speared by Mo. ACH gets tagged back in and runs wild as Mo looks tired. Mo gets back in the ring and splashes Brazil. Brazil taps to a leglock by Mo.

Winners: King Mo and ACH


Brian Pillman Jr. v. Timothy Thatcher

Pillman’s shoulder is taped up and he goes right after Thatcher. Thatcher is overpowering Pillman but Pillman avoids several suplex attempts. Thatcher then gains control, going after the shoulder. He starts slapping away at Pillman, giving him the single-leg Boston Crab for good measure. It looked like Pillman tapped but he was just selling his arm. Thatcher then bends Pillman’s arm back with an armbar and then gives him a few hard elbows to the chest. He suplexes Pillman on his own arm for two. Pillman attempts a comeback, superkicking and chopping Thatcher. Pillman tries to pull Thatcher but the latter is not having it. Pillman manages to get control but Thatcher bullies him in the corner. Pillman tries a crossbody but Thatcher reverses, suplexing him all over the ring before putting him in a sleeper. Pillman makes another comeback and tries to finish the bout. Thatcher ends up putting him in an armbar but Pillman rolls him up for the win, advancing towards the finals.

Winner: Brian Pillman Jr.


Alexander Hammerstone (w/Richard Holliday) v. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Davey Boy being technical to start, stretching Hammerstone’s arms. He is overpowering Hammerstone, with the latter having no form of offense. Hammerstone takes advantage of a Holliday distraction and Davey Boy is out of the ring. Hammerstone attacks the back, suplexing him into the guardrail. Hammerstone hits him with a sleeper, and Holliday tells the ref to ask Davey Boy if he wants to give up in Canadian. Davey Boy starts no-selling and attacks Hammerstone. He lifts Hammerstone up and down and hits him with a big boot and leg drop for two. He starts suplexing Hammerstone and locks him in the crossface. Hammerstone gets out of it, accidentally kicks Holliday and Davey Boy lands the top rope drop for the win, advancing towards the finals.

Winner: Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Konnan comes out to promote MLW and AAA partnership. He brings out the future in Gino Medina. Konnan talks about his family legacy. His family was a part of El Gringos Locos with Eddie Guerrero. Medina says Konnan is trying to use him, and Konnan says Salina de la Renta is not looking out for Medina’s best interest. Salina comes out to confront Konnan, saying he doesn’t have a sex life. She says Medina is smart not to listen to an old man, and that together they could have a lot of fun. She starts talking about the size of his belt buckle and says a man with taste should have a woman like her on his side. Konnan calls her an underground garage and tells Medina her history.

Medina is about to shake someone’s hand when Dynasty comes out. MJF with the mic, and says he’s better than everyone. He creeps on Salina, hard, before turning his attention to Konnan. Konnan breaks down the Dynasty, shooting on all three. He tries to convince Gino to join him but MJF interrupts and says he has two (elite) major contracts. MJF says if Gino wants to be a top guy, he knows what the right move to make is. Fans start chanting for Cody Rhodes. Holliday says when the Dynasty is in the building, we are all breathing rarified air. Hammerstone says the choice is simple while running down Konnan and Salina’s “lack of” accomplishments. Medina shakes Konnan’s hand before attacking him. Dynasty beats up on Konnan as well, as Medina joins with them. Dynasty has a new member.

Tom Lawlor promo. He says the fans in New York live in a sh*thole, and he hates the “Von Erich” chant.

Spirit Squad comes out in MMA gear, signifying they are Team Filthy.

* Spirit/Filthy Squad (Kenny and Mikey) v. Marshall and Ross Von Erich

Big brawl to start and a double dropkick by the Von Erich’s. Kenny and Mikey take control, but the match ends with the Von Erich’s standing tall following a chokeslam/claw combination.

Winner: The Von Erich’s

Following the bout, Rip Von Erich attacks them but they easily get rid of him.


Jimmy Havoc v. Mance Warner

Jimmy Havoc drinks a beer before the bout. Both are wary to put on the masks to blind them. Warner uses stomps to chase Havoc out. Now they are relying on the fans to help them. Havoc is ducking down to avoid being touched. They finally interact but miss. Warner grabs the ref but realizes who it is. Havoc cheats by taking off the mask but is forced to put it back on. He beats down on Warner and attempts to go up top. He misses an elbow drop, as Warner was nowhere near the floor. Warner takes advantage by finding him and punching Havoc several times. Havoc’s mask comes off, pushes the ref into Mance and attacks Mance. Havoc distracts the ref and Priscilla Kelly comes out to attack Mance. Havoc then lariats Mance, pinning him for the win.

Winner: Jimmy Havoc

* New York City Street Fight

Gino Medina v. Savio Vega

Dynasty accompanied Medina to the ring. Vega immediately hits Medina with a kendo stick multiple times. Medina then follows suit and then chops Vega hard. Vega then hits Medina with a garbage can lid before putting the can in the ring. They wrestle for the chair, but Medina grabs it and attacks Vega. Vega hits Medina with a STOP sign but Medina hits him with a cookie sheet and a garbage lid. He bounces Vega against the corner for only two. Medina slaps Savio which enrages Savio. Medina then gets control before Vega sidekicks him. Medina hits Vega hard with a hockey stick across the back. Vega starts to no-sell and runs wild on Medina. He hits a twisting elbow but misses a spinning kick. He ends up hitting the latter and poses. Dynasty comes out to distract him and Medina low blows him. Medina hits a Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Winner: Gino Medina

Alicia Atout out to interview Dynasty and Medina. MJF has a chair ready for him to sit on. She questions the way he won the bout, and MJF interrupts. He says things are weird in Canada, and in America they have a thing called respect. He tells her to say “sorry” in her Canadian way. Gino says he belongs to the Dynasty.

* CONTRA Unit (Jacob Fatu, Ikuro Kwon and Simon Gotch) v. Strong Hearts (CIMA, El Lindaman and Shigehiro Irie)

Gotch and CIMA to start, with Gotch taking control early. He mocks CONTRA before kicking Gotch in the rear. Lindaman tagged in and is brought into the CONTRA corner. Kwon in now and chops away at Lindaman. Fatu in now and Lindaman is the face in peril. Irie finally in and cleans house. Gotch and Irie in the ring together and both men end up on the ground. Gotch goes for the Gotch Piledriver but Irie counters. Fatu and Irie go for stereo clotheslines but neither is going down. they end up dropping one another following a double crossbody. Fatu hits a springboard moonsault but CIMA breaks up the count. Everyone is brawling on the outside as Fatu and Irie are trading power shots. Fatu starts hitting dives from the ring but Strong Hearts team up on him. They all chop Fatu but he backs them all away. CIMA hits a top rope stomp, Irie hits double knees to the back and Lindaman german suplexes him for a nearfall. Fatu ends up hitting CIMA with a Samoan Drop before hitting him with a top rope moonsault for the win.

Winners: CONTRA Unit (Jacob Fatu, Ikuro Kwon and Simon Gotch)


Davey Boy Smith Jr. v. Brian Pillman Jr.

Both lockup, and show admiration for one another. Pillman controlling the pace but Davey now leading the way. Davey controls the arms, working on Pillman’s shoulder. Both switch between shoulder control and Pillman knocks him out of the ring. Pillman chops Davey hard and continues to control the pace. Smith big boots him and knocks him out of the ring and drops Pillman hard to the floor. Smith muscles him down and works the ground game. Each time Pillman tries a comeback Davey stops him. Davey has him in the chinlock and attacks the shoulder, hitting a legdrop for good measure. Davey goes up top and Pillman moves out of the way, and finally starts to gain momentum. He suplexes Davey and attempts a rollup but Davey fights out and uppercuts him. Pillman goes for various rollups, but to no avail. Both trade off rollups and Pillman finally hits him with a superkick on the floor. Pillman hits a springboard elbow off the ropes for two. Pillman misses a top rope fly and Davey hits the powerslam but Pillman kicks out. Pillman is tired and slaps Davey, who responds with one of his own. Davey hits a jumping Tombstone Piledriver and a top rope headbutt for two. He hits a powerbomb for two and applies the crossface. Pillman tries the rollup, fails and the crossface is applied again. Pillman taps and Davey Boy Smith Jr. wins the bout and the Opera Cup.

Winner: Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Davey Boy poses with the trophy as he and Pillman embrace.