Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s live coverage of the National Wrestling Alliance’s Into The Fire pay per view. Today’s show takes place from the GPB Studios in Atlanta Georgia, and will be streaming live via FITE TV. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show!

Stu Bennett (Bad News Barrett) narrates an opening montage showing off the last nine weeks of NWA Powerrr. Moments include Colt Cabana recapturing the National championship from James Storm, Nick Aldis’ epic title defense against Tim Storm, the debut of the Question Mark, and the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express becoming tag team champions once again.

Joe Galli and Stu Bennett officially welcome us to NWA’s Into The Fire! They run down the evening’s card, which includes three title matches and several grudge bouts. They announce that Eli Drake and Ken Anderson will open the show. Drake makes his way to the ring first, followed by Anderson. Both guys comes through the crowd, and they have entrance music!

Eli Drake versus Ken Anderson

Taunting from both men. Tie-up…neither is able to gain the advantage. Anderson traps Drake in the corner…referee separates them. Hammerlock from Anderson…Drake reverses the hold but Anderson reverses it right back. Drop-toe hold by Drake…nice sequence of mat wrestling. Anderson maintains better positioning. Drake with a snapmare but Anderson traps the arms for an early pinfall attempt…two count. Hard Irish-whip…Anderson bounces off the turnbuckles and hits a lariat. Flurry of offense, followed by a big chop. Anderson whips Drake into the turnbuckles, then connects with a splash. Face-wash boot and Drake rolls to the outside to recover. Back in the ring…Drake slows Anderson by dropping him neck first on the ropes…jumping neckbreaker for a nearfall. Drake applies a headlock trying to wear Anderson down. Drake comes off the ropes…elbow drop.

Anderson gets caught in the ropes where Drake nails him with a running knee. Slingshot shoulder block by Drake. Anderson begins mounting a comeback but Drake slows him down with another neckbreaker. Anderson shakes it off and fires a right hand…back and forth striking…both men slow from fatigue. Anderson dodges a lariat and lands a three-punch combo. Big elbow and swinging neckbreaker in succession. Rolling Samoan drop for two by Anderson. Drake goes for the air-raid drop but Anderson turns it into a school-boy…close two. Anderson goes to the top…Drake jumps up for a superplex…Anderson blocks it and goes for a sunset bomb…Drake drops all his weight on Anderson’s shoulders and rolls him up…got em!

Eli Drake wins by pinfall

Over to the interview desk with Dave Marquez. He welcomes the NWA World’s champion Nick Aldis . Crowd gives Aldis a huge ovation. He talks about how fans thought that the NWA was finished, a forgotten relic of wrestling’s past. He says that one voice kept the NWA alive, and that one doubled, then tripled, now they’re being watched by over 40 countries in the world. “A PPV headlined by sweet Charlotte…the 10 pounds of gold.” He then addresses James Storm: “You and I are the only two men tonight that have the chance to live forever, but if you’re going to do it, you’re going to have to come with me into the deep water, and I will show you why I’m the real world’s champion.” Marquez asks about Kamille, who Aldis says has the night off.

James Storm meets Aldis and Marquez. Storm says that no one man can be given credit for the NWA’s revival. “We did this as a team. And tonight when the smoke clears, you’re going to now that you’ve been in the ring with one of the toughest SOB’s on God’s green earth.” He promises that later he will be announced as the new NWA world champion. This ends the segment.

A preview of Melina’s debut into the NWA. She immediately aligned with Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle to stand against women’s champion Allysin Kay.

Tasha Steelz is out first. She calls over Marque for a quick interview. She says that finally there is some flavor in the NWA. She calls her Into The Fire debut fitting because she always brings the latino heat. The always dangerous Thunder Rosa is out next.

Tasha Steelz versus Thunder Rosa

Rosa grabs the hair, then chops Steelz across the shoulder blades. Another chop to the chest. Steelz shows off her athleticism with a twisting headscissor. Steelz plays to the crowd and talks some trash…Rosa takes advantage and hits a short-armed lariat to retake control. Rosa lifts Steelz in a powerslam and drapes her across the turnbuckles in the tree of woe. She sets up…running dropkick. Loud chants for Rosa. Steelz fires off a few chops but Rosa ties Steel up with a drop-toe-hold, then applies a standing surboard submission. Rosa climbs for the double-stomp…Steelz moves and lands a pump kick. Corner elbow from Steelz. She screams “for the culture” and hits a cutter. Two count. Rosa picks up the pace…running knee…running boot. She’s up top again…double-stomp to Steelz back. That’ll do it.

Thunder Rosa wins by pinfall

As soon as the match is over Rosa continues her assault on Steelz. Ashley Vox runs out to make the save. She unloads on Rosa but Rosa gets the better of her. Shoulder breaker and arm-ringer. Vox screams holding her arm. Rosa stands tall over Vox before leaving to the back. Referee’s attend to Vox. Commentary wonder if she’ll be able to compete in her tag bout later tonight.

Recap of Aron Stevens ongoing feud with Ricky Starks. Stevens one pinfall victory over Starks came when the Question Mark assisted with a vicious strike.

That brings the Question Mark out. Aron Stevens accompanies him to the ring. Can’t emphasize enough how popular the Question Mark is with this crowd. Stevens grabs the microphone and addresses the Atlanta crowd. He says to celebrate this special evening the Question Mark wishes to perform a special ceremony, and sing the Mongovian national anthem. Stevens reveals the flag, and Question Mark mumbles a song. Eventually Trevor Murdoch interrupts.

Question Mark versus Trevor Murdoch

Tie-up. Neither man budges. They reset. Second tie-up. Murdoch and Mark trade waistlocks. Mark lands the first strike. Murdoch reciprocates with a big right hand. Big boot and powerslam from Murdoch. A second one. Crowd asks for a third…he gives it to them. Mark goes to the apron…Murdoch tries to pull the mask off…Mark pushes him off and comes back into the ring. He runs right into a drop-toe-hold from Murdoch, who unloads a series of strikes with a ground and pound. Mark shakes it off and hits a powerful karate spike. Murdoch kicks out. Mark can’t believe it.

He runs off the ropes and connects with a jumping stomp. Double-chop. Mark traps Murdoch in the corner…Murdoch with a surge of adrenaline…he hits three stiff chops and puts Mark on the top…Mark kicks him away…missile dropkick. Cover…Murdoch gets his foot on the ropes. Mark goes for a leg-drop…Murdoch moves…he follows up with a running boot and standing spinebuster. He climbs to the top and grabs the flag. This angers the Mark. After a distraction from Stevens, Mark connects with a double-spike strike. Murdoch can’t kick out.

Question Mark wins by pinfall

Recap of the last episode of Powerrr when the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express defeated the Wildcards to become the NWA tag team champions for a record ninth-time. They cut an emotional promo backstage saying that they will continue to defy the odds.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Express are out first. Crowd showers them with “Rock and Roll” cheers. Homicide and Eddie Kingston (Outlaw Inc.) are accompanying them to the ring. The champs go to Dave Marquez. Ricky Morton says that Kingston and Homicide are an insurance policy because Wildcards are a dangerous tag team. Wildcards (Thomas Latimer and Royce Isaacs) are out next…the Dawsons are with them! Ring introductions are over…here we go.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Express versus Wildcards for the NWA Tag Team Championship

Morton and Latimer begin. Latimer attempts to trap Morton in his team’s corner but the veteran Morton evades it. Isaacs tags in. Morton headlocks him and brings in Gibson. Fun spot where Gibson sends Isaacs and Latimer into each other. They roll to the outside. Gibson holds open the ropes…Morton hits a suicide dive! Huge pop from the crowd! Back in the ring…Isaacs drives his knee into Morton from the apron. Wildcards with a double-team maneuver while Gibson argues with the referee. Isaacs charges Morton in the corner…Morton moves and Isaacs collides into the turnbuckles. Gibson has tagged in. He puts Latmier in the sleeper hold. Isaacs break it up…Latimer goes for a lariat but he hits Isaacs! All four men in there now. Morton off the ropes…Canadian destroyer onto Isaacs!! On the outside…the Dawsons and Outlaw Inc begin brawling. The distraction allows the Express to hit their signature double-dropkick for the win!

Rock ‘N’ Roll Express win by pinfall to retain the NWA Tag Team Championship

Commentary announces that on January 24th, the next NWA pay per view will take place. Stu Bennett reveals the NWA television championship, and says that the first champion will be crowned at the PPV.

Over to Dave Marquez. Eli Drake comes out and insults him, then polls the audience on who they think is going to win tonight’s main event. Crowd chants “Aldis.” Drake says he doesn’t care who wins, because at the end of the day he is the man who shines in this company, and he’ll eventually be right where he belongs, as the brands champion. He takes a few shots at Ken Anderson. Anderson comes out of nowhere and blindsides him. He picks up a steel chair and drives it into Drake’s gut. He places the chair around Drake’s neck and guillotines him into the ring post. Referee’s and security try and pull Anderson away but he’s irate. He sends Drake into the ring, sets up the chair, then flatliners him face first. Drake is out. Crowd boos Anderson as he leaves. Officials help Drake to the back as he cannot stand on his own.

Allysin Kay is out next for tag action. She carries her NWA women’s title, but Ashley Vox is not with her. Melina and Marti Belle enter next. Commentary asks if Kay is planning on facing them in a handicap match. Belle, Melina, and Kay argue…Marquez stops them before they tangle up and says that Kay will have a partner. IT’S ODB!! Crowd going wild!

Allysin Kay/ODB versus Marti Belle/Melina

Kay and Melina begin. Kay chases Melina around the ring…she eventually tags Belle in. Belle charges…Kay lights Belle up with chops and stomps. Corner splash with pin…Belle escapes. Kay chops Belle again, then fish-hooks her. Hard Irish-whip. Kay climbs Belle in the corner for a 10-punch. Kay begins arguing with Melina on the apron…Belle tries a quick roll-up but Kay falls right on top and continues her attack. Kay brings Melina into the ring. She goes for a piledriver…Belle hits a discus punch…Melina holds Kay in place…running knee from Belle. ODB tries to rally Kay to make a tag. She’s yet to see action in this bout. Melina tags in. She traps the champion in the corner and drives her shoulder into the gut. Belle chokes Kay illegally while the referee’s back is turned. Belle back in…side Russian leg-sweep for two. ODB finally gets the hot tag. She runs through Belle, then sends her across the ring with a fallaway slam. Avalanche splash. ODB plays to the crowd…bronco buster. ODB stacks the pin…Melina breaks it up. All four women in the ring now. She ties Melina up…piledriver connects this time. Belle gets thrown to ODB…TKO. ODB picks up the win for her team.

Allysin Kay/ODB win by pinfall

Afterwards ODB offers her flask to Joe Galli and Stu Bennett. They turn them down.

Video package recapping the rivalry between James Storm and Nick Aldis. They remind the audience that Storm chose Bryan Hebner as his referee for tonight’s main event. Aldis chose former rival Tim Storm.

Triple-threat time. Ricky Starks makes his way to the ring first, followed by Aron Stevens, once again accompanied by the Question Mark. The National champion, Colt Cabana, is out last. Introductions are done. Here we go.

Colt Cabana versus Ricky Starks versus Aron Stevens for the NWA National Championship

Cabana and Starks both go after Stevens. They hit double-bionic elbows. Cabana tries to steal a victory but Starks pulls him off. Stevens jumps in for a kick…Cabana catches it, throws it at Starks, then superkicks Stevens in the gut. Starks follows up by hitting a sic kick which sends Stevens to ringside. He crawls over to the commentary table to hide. Starks and Cabana tie-up now. Nice sequence of chain wrestling. Cabana slows the pace by trapping Starks’ arm. Each man trades shoulder tackles. Starks jumps over Cabana connects with a middle-rope flying crossbody.

Cabana reverses the momentum to make a cover. Two count. Stevens runs back in the ring and shows off several karate poses. Cabana and Starks duck a lariat attempt and team up on Stevens once again. Cabana dumps Starks, then whips Stevens into the opposing turnbuckles. The Question Mark distracts the referee…Stevens low-blows Cabana! Crowd boos. Stevens hits a discus lariat on Starks for a close two count. A VERY show boaty elbow drop from Stevens. Cabana jumps in but Stevens stomps him down in the corner.

The Question Mark nails Cabana on the outside. Stevens continues to work over Starks. Snap-suplex, followed by a jumping knee. Cabana tries to get back in the ring…Stevens makes him pay with a running knee. Stevens goes for another suplex on Starks…Starks counters into a cradle…two count. Huge lariat from Stevens. Cabana back on the apron…he blocks Stevens attack, then drives his shoulder into his gut. Stevens outsmarts Cabana and throws him outside again. Starks builds some momentum…sling-blade. Cabana back inside…the alliance is back on.

Assisted atomic drops onto Stevens. They wishbone him. Starks turns on Cabana…jumping dropkick/senton combo from Starks taking out both his competitors. He goes for a tornado DDT but Cabana blocks it…Starks instead applies the octopus…Cabana in pain…he transitions out of it into the Billy Goat’s curse submission. Starks gets to the ropes. Back and forth pinfall attempts…Starks nearly wins the match with a backslide. Cabana has a close pin as well. Starks hits the tornado DDT. Both men are down. Stevens still hiding on the outside. Cabana goes for the Superman pin…the Question Mark hits the spike on Cabana without the referee seeing…Stevens sneaks in and pins Cabana to win the title!

Aron Stevens wins by pinfall to become the new NWA National Champion

Post match, Stevens says he won the title thanks to the power of karate.

Tim Storm in a referee’s shirt speaks with Alex Marquez. Storm begins by thanking the NWA fans, claiming that it is an honor and a privilege to be apart of this PPV. “To watch those two men battle for the most prestigious title in professional wrestling means the world to me, and I’m going to do my best because I know it means the world to them.”

Another video package of James Storm and Nick Aldis, this time focusing on what Adlis’ valet Kamille whispered in Storm’s ear. Although it was never revealed, Storm says that whatever she says gets out…it’s going to bring a whole new light to this industry. Recap of Aldis accidentally striking Kamille during his title match on the debut of NWA Powerrr.

Back to the arena…crowd is chanting NWA loud. Marquez tells us that Brian Hebner will officiate the first fall, and Tim Storm the second fall. If a third fall is needed, a coin-toss will determine who the referee will be.

James Storm is out first. The world’s champion Nick Aldis is second. Here…we…go.

Nick Aldis versus James Storm 2-out-of-3 Falls for the NWA World Championship

Tie-up. Aldis switches behind for a waistlock. Storm grabs the wrist…nice sequence of chain wrestling. Aldis snags on a headlock…Storm bounces him off the ropes…shoulder tackle from Aldis but Storm quickly picks the ankle to bring the champ down. Another sequence of counters and mat-wrestling…they reset. Kamille is here. Storm asks “what’s going on?” Aldis tells Kamille to go to the back. She eventually leaves. Storm hits the Last Call! Jacknife cover…got em.

James Storm wins the first fall

Storm continues his attack on Aldis. Tim Storm jumps into the ring and gives Aldis a chance to regroup. Storm sends Aldis to the outside and batters him around ringside. He takes him into the crowd and smashes his face off the guardrail. Storm brings Aldis over near the commentator’s table, then suplexes him onto the arena floor. Aldis is in trouble. Storm yells at referee Tim Storm to make the count. He gets up to 9…Aldis just beats it. He gets thrown right back to the outside. Storm goes for an Irish-whip…Aldis reverses it and Storm goes face first into a Christmas tree near the commentators table. This incites a “Merry Christmas” chant. Back in the ring…Storm goes after Aldis’ leg. Snapmare. Storm to the middle-rope…Aldis catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Alids builds up some momentum. Big lariat. Another. Storm slips behind him…Eye of the Storm! Cover…Aldis just gets a shoulder up. Crowd tries to rally Aldis back into the match. Storm is frustrated. He brings in a steel chair…Tim Storm tells him he’ll get DQ’d if he uses it. He listens and gets rid of it. Aldis catches him in a jacknife pin…he turns it into a cradle…Aldis cradles him…three count!

Nick Aldis wins the second fall

Coin toss takes place. Brian Hebner will officiate the third-fall. After a small break Aldis and Storm collide. Hockey fight. Aldis hits a michinoku driver for two. Storm fires back with jawbreaker…he goes for a lungblower but Aldis has it scouted. Aldis blocks it again. Eventually Storm connects. Both men are down. Storm to the apron…enziguri…he climbs to the top…Aldis meets him up top for a superplex…he hits it. Cover…Storm JUST kicks out. Aldis goes for another one…Storm headbutts him off. Diving elbow by Storm. Aldis refuses to stay down! Fans are loving this! Codebreaker…Storm goes for the Last Shot…Aldis catches it and goes for the cloverleaf…cradle from Storm…two count. Storm applies the figure-four! They’re right in the center!

Aldis tries to turn it over…he does! Eventually the submission is released. Storm tries to pop over Aldis in the corner…Aldis catches him in a tombstone. Aldis up top…flying elbow connects! STORM KICKS OUT. Both men seem exhausted. Huge chop by Aldis. He goes for a lariat but hits the referee by mistake. Tim Storm checks on him…Hebner is out. Tim Storm inserts himself into the match as ref. Storm with a sit-down pin…two count. Last shot! Aldis falls into the corner. He removes the top turnbuckle. Storm with a backslide roll-up…Aldis pushes him into the exposed steel. Aldis applies the cloverleaf…he’s out and isn’t moving. Tim Storm calls for the bell.

Nick Aldis wins the second fall via referee stoppage and retains the NWA World Championship

Commentary calls the finish very controversial as Tim Storm was not the assigned referee and James Storm never officially quit. Afterwards Aldis goes to Marquez. He says normally he would gloat, but instead he chooses to celebrate the greatness of the NWA. “This is where guys like me and James Storm find purpose in this crazy world.” Aldis then looks directly into the camera and says, “there’s not a man alive who can take this from me.” The lights go out.

MARTY SCURLL IS HERE. Fans can’t believe it. “Holy sh*t” chants. He comes to the ring and stares Aldis down. Aldis looks terrified. Scurll goes to the interview desk.

That’s the show friends.

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