Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s live coverage of the National Wrestling Alliance’s weekly episodic, Powerrr. Today’s show was taped from the GPB Studios in Atlanta Georgia, and streaming on the official NWA Facebook and Youtube Pages. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show.

Recap of the end of NWA’s recent PPV, Into The Fire, which saw world’s champion Nick Aldis retain the title against James Storm in the main event. Aldis would then be confronted by free agent Marty Scurll.

Intro song. (INTO THE FIRE!!!)

Joe Galli and Stu Bennett welcome us to another episode of NWA Powerrr from Atlanta. Bennett calls this the greatest single hour of wrestling per week. They tell us that Ken Anderson and Eli Drake will once again face off in an Into The Fire rematch. Also in action…the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express.

New NWA National champion Aron Stevens, along with the very over Question Mark join Dave Marquez at the interview desk. Crowd boos Stevens heavily. Stevens begins by saying he is a very dangerous man thanks to his grueling karate training, and is the first American to earn a black belt after only three weeks. Stevens taunts the live crowd, and calls himself a fantastic actor along with the likes of Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino. He runs down the lineage of the National champions including the Nature Boy Ric Flair. He tells the NWA universe that he will now be addressed as “Shooter Stevens.” Marquez asks him if he’s for real…he says yes. Stevens and Question Mark say they have their eyes on all of the belts within NWA.

Colt Cabana interrupts. “I will admit…it does say in the record books that you are an NWA National Champion. On paper you hold that title Stevens, but everyone knows who watched the PPV that Aron Stevens was hiding behind a Christmas Tree.” Cabana declares that if Stevens didn’t have the Question Mark in his corner…he would never be a champion. Stevens says Cabana is no longer a concern for him, and he and Question Mark walk off. Segment ends.

Thunder Rosa walks out next. She tells the people to get to their feet as she introduces Melina. Ashley Vox attacks Rosa from behind! They brawl! Rosa gains the upper-hand and whips Vox into the steel steps. Vox’s arm is still banged up from the Into The Fire attack. They go to injure her further but women’s champion Allysin Kay and ODB run out to make the save. Rosa and Melina flea as they attend to Vox.

Flashback to Ken Anderson’s attack on Eli Drake following their Into The Fire matchup. We’re told that their rematch later will be a NO DQ.

Advertisement for the next round of NWA tapings towards the end of January. Coming up later…Marty Scurll addresses his Into The Fire appearance.

Backstage Melina and Thunder Rosa confront Marti Belle for not helping them. Belle says she was told to remain in the back. Melina scoffs as Rosa stares Belle down.

Galli and Bennett tell us that a tournament will commence for the NWA Television championship, with the winner to be determined at their next PPV. Each match will only be 6 minutes and 5 seconds long. If competitors go over that limit…they’ll all be eliminated. First bout is a triple-threat qualifier.

Sal Rinauro versus CW Anderson versus Zicky Dice Television Title Qualifier

Pace beings quickly as the men don’t have a lot of time. Lots of roll-ups…Dice, Anderson, and Rinauro all knock each other down with a triple-lariat. Dice goes for a double-headbutt but Anderson and Rinauro rock him with punches. Rinauro hits a dropkick and stunner…he runs into a spinebuster from Anderson. Dice goes for a rude awakening…he gets it. Rinauro can’t kick out. Dice advances.

Zicky Dice wins by pinfall

Dice immediately goes to the interview desk. He introduces himself to the fans as “Outlandish” Zicky Dice. He says luck didn’t get him into the NWA, because everyone is looking at the future Television champion. The Dawsons come out and run Dice off. Zane Dawson says they can’t stand the people in Atlanta, and that there truly is a conspiracy going on within the promotion. They say they did all the dirty work for the Wildcards, and were promised title opportunities and money, neither of which they have received. Wildcards run out with steel chairs and the Dawsons flee.

Cut to Marty Scurll’s promo following Into The Fire. “So this is the NWA?” Scurll states. He says that everyone keeps asking where he’s going to end up. “Everyone seems to know what I’m doing, but the truth is I do whatever the bloody hell I like. If I want to stroll through the NWA and cause some noise…that’s exactly what I’m going to do. The National Treasure…Nick Aldis…calls himself the real world’s champion. I stared out with Nick in this business, and back earlier this year I gave Nick Aldis the fight of his life, not just his career, but his life. Even though I came up short in that match, I know what’s left deep down in my heart…I can beat you Nick. It’s a damn crying shame that after everything I’ve done, after everything I’ve achieved…I have not become world heavyweight champion.” Loud “Marty” chants. “The only thing I’m concentrating on doing is becoming world heavyweight champion. Nick Aldis…I’m here…I’ll do it anytime…anywhere. Give me a shot at the NWA world heavyweight championship.”

An exclusive interview between Stu Bennett and Scurll is teased for later in the program.

Back to the arena…Eddie Kingston joins Galli and Bennett on the commentary table. They ask for an update on his partner Homicide. Kingston says he’ll be fine. Galli and Bennett push for more information but Kingston refuses to give a clear answer.

The NWA tag team champion Rock ‘N’ Roll Express are out for a tag bout. Their opponents are already in the ring.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Express versus Zach Mosley/Sean Sims

Gibson and Mosley begin. Back body drop from Gibson. Sims runs in but Morton cuts him off. The Express throw Sims and Mosley into each other and hit a double-school boy pin for a quick win.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Express win by pinfall

The Express get interviewed by Joe Galli right after. They commend former tag champions like the four-horsemen, Dusty Rhodes/Magnum TA, the Midnight Express and say it’s an honor to share accolades with all those teams. They’re asked about Nick Aldis. Morton says Aldis proved that he’s a great champion, but he’s got a long road before he can officially call himself the best of all-time, especially with guys like Harley Race on that list.

The Dawsons come back out. Wildcards are right behind them. They brawl until a commercial.

The name of the January 24th PPV is revealed as Hard Times.

The Wildcards and Dawsons are in the ring for an official matchup.

Wildcards versus The Dawsons

Isaacs and Latimer work over Zane. Zane gets the better of the Wildcards and sends them both to the outside. Zane misses a chop and strikes the ring post. Latimer targets the hand stomping it off the steel steps. Back in the ring…Isaacs chops away and traps Zane in his team’s corner. Quick tag to Latimer who rocks him with a right hand. Latimer pounds Zane down. Wildcards wishbone Zane’s legs. Isaacs smashes Zane’s face off the top turnbuckle. Zane shows some fight on Latimer but the big Englishman bites Zane’s hand. Dave runs in to help his brother. This gives the Wildcards a chance to hit their finisher (DVD/powerbomb). Isaacs nails Dave on the apron. It’s over.

The Wildcards win by pinfall

After a small quick beatdown post match, the Wildcards join Marquez at the interview desk. “That’s what happens when you stick your nose in our business. The Dawsons are a bunch of liars.” They then tell the crowd that Santa was a liar. Jocephus appears dressed in a Santa outfit. He tosses free merchandise to the fans who are going crazy. Wildcards leave angrily.

An interview from James Storm from immediately after Into The Fire. Storm says that in due time he will get his due justice. Storm berates Aldis for illegally disposing of the turnbuckle that led to him hitting the ring post. He accuses Aldis of taking out his referee so his referee (Tim Storm) could make the count. Storm promises to work his way back up the ladder until he once again has an opportunity to be champion. “When I get there…I’m going to beat the S**T out of you boy.”

Zicky Dice stand with Dave Marquez as he introduces the participants in the Television Title tournament. They are: Ricky Starks, Colt Cabana, Trevor Murdoch, Zicky Dice, Thomas Latimer, Question Mark, Eddie Kingston, Tim Storm, Zane Dawson, Dave Dawson, and world’s champion Nick Aldis.

Nikita Koloff appears! Huge pop from the studio crowd! He’s there to help draw the first two participants. He says he’s excited to see who will carry the belt’s lineage. They choose from the bowl

First matchup will be: Ricky Starks versus Eddie Kingston. They face off. Kingston talks some smack…Starks doesn’t budge.


Second matchup: Colt Cabana versus Question Mark.

Both of those matches are announced for next week’s episode of Powerrr. Nick Aldis makes a statement. “If you’re going to knock me off from the top of this company…you’re going to have to prove your commitment the same way I have.” He says he’s entered the tournament because he’s run through all of his challengers with ease. “I’m not just here to make money…I’m here to make history.” Ricky Starks stands next to Aldis. Aldis puts Starks over as one of the top competitors in pro-wrestling, and that he might just have a chance to make it to the tournament finals…and lose to him. Aldis is asked how he feels about Marty Scurll’s appearance. “Here’s my comment on Marty Scurll stepping into my business…no comment. I’m a little sick and tired David. I think about the last two years I’ve spent building this place, carrying it on my back, and then suddenly once you get it off the ground, once you get it cooking, suddenly all these guys come out of the woodwork. I see all these ham sandwiches trying to make a name for themselves.” Aldis is asked about Ricky Morton’s comments. He says he didn’t hear what he had to say, but he will go back and listen. When Marquez asks about Kamille, Aldis becomes unhappy. He says that Kamille is no longer his insurance policy, and he plans on building a team to further watch his back.

Cut to Stu Bennett and Marty Scurll. Scurll says he hopes to be himself and stand out. “What if I turn up here and what if I turn up there?” asks Scurll. He says he had a taste of it at the Crockett Cup, and he’s back for more. He says the NWA knows how to put importance on title matches. He says that his showdown with Nick Aldis reignited his passion for pro-wrestling. “I like to keep the people guessing. I don’t like anyone to assume they know what I’m doing.” He never reveals if he’s fully signed to the promotion, but he does want a shot at the Ten Pounds of Gold.

Tim Storm joins Bennett and Galli at the commentary table. Bennett asks Storm how he feels about Aldis and Scurll…Storm says that he wants to see the rematch because of the caliber of star that Scurll is.

Cut to Eli Drake he comes to the interview desk. His voice is damaged from Ken Anderson’s attack. Drake says he thinks it’s funny that he wasn’t involved in the Television Title tournament. He calls Anderson a speed bump, and looks forward to putting this feud in the rear view mirror. Anderson comes out, and this one is underway.

Eli Drake versus Ken Anderson NO DQ

Brawl to start. Anderson clubs Drake on the back and smashes him off the turnbuckles. Big chop from Anderson. Drake bounces out of the corner and hits a jumping lariat. Flush Russian leg-sweep, followed by a big lariat that sends Anderson to ringside. Drake in quick pursuit. Fight moves into the crowd. Drake traps Anderson’s head in a chair and kicks it. They travel throughout the crowd…Drake plays to the crowd…Anderson nails him from behind. They brawl near character posters for the show. Anderson makes him pay by whipping a steel door near the top of the crowd into Drake’s arm. They move back towards the ring…Anderson sends Drake into the steel steps. He picks up a steel chair and tosses it in the ring. He brings Drake inside and sets the chair up. He goes for a flatliner…Drake blocks it and drop toe holds Anderson into the chair. A surge of energy…ground and pound from Drake. He picks up the chair…then gets rid of it. Gravy train (Air Raid Siren)…it’s over.

Eli Drake wins by pinfall

As soon as the match is over Nick Aldis comes out and approaches the commentary table. He yells at Tim Storm apparently for his words about Marty Scurll. They have an argument…Storm takes off his jacket and challenges Aldis to a fight in the ring. Aldis takes off his coat and meets him in there. They push each other. The Wildcards come out and attack Storm as Aldis watches. Kamille comes out and confronts Aldis and begins pushing him. She then spears Storm out of his boots! It was all a ruse! Kamille and Latimer begin kissing. Aldis is laughing. He, Kamille, and Wildcards all hug. Storm is stunned. Aldis kicks him in the head. This new faction poses.

That’s the show friends.