Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s live coverage of the National Wrestling Alliance’s weekly episodic, Powerrr. Today’s show was taped from the GPB Studios in Atlanta Georgia, and streaming on the official NWA Facebook and Youtube Pages. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show.

Recap of Stu Bennett’s exclusive interview with Marty Scurll from last week. The Villain had said that his NWA title match against Nick Aldis re-sparked his love of pro-wrestling. Scurll also explains that he doesn’t like anyone to know exactly what he’s doing career wise. “After everything I’ve done in professional wrestling…I’ve never ever been a world champion.”

Clip of Nick Aldis and the Wildcards attack on Tim Storm after last week’s main event. Kamille would come out to confront Aldis, but ended up spearing Storm.

Show officially opens with a replay of the nto The Fire pay per view, where Aldis retained his world’s championship over James Storm thanks to an exposed turnbuckle spot. Marty Scurll would then appear to let Aldis know that he’s ready for another challenge. Aldis said in an interview that he has no comment on Scurll’s NWA appearance. “It’s not the way we do things in the NWA.” The clip of Tim Storm getting attacked by the NWA’s newest faction is replayed.

Theme song. (INTO THE FIRE!!!)

Joe Galli and Stu Bennett welcome us to another edition of Powerrr and wish everyone watching a Merry Christmas Eve. They hype today’s action, which includes two TV title qualifiying matchups.

Dave Marquez is at the interview desk with Trevor Murdoch. Eddie Kingston and Ricky Starks are already in the ring for their opening tournament matchup. Murdoch says that he’s always worked hard, and reveals that he received an official contract offer by the NWA. Huge pop from the crowd. Zicky Dice, who is also at the interview desk, tells Murdoch to keep it down because he’s hungover from hanging out with a stripper. He and Murdoch get into an argument. Dice claims that he will be the future Television champion.

The Pope comes out. “Allow me and my congregation to have our moment.” Fans give him a huge ovation. Pope talks about the NWA changing the professional wrestling landscape. “Pope is hear looking for his superpowers. Pope is here searching for his Horsemen, and when Pope gets them together we’re going to run through the pro-wrestling landscape.” Dice asks Pope if he’s the type of talent he’s looking for. Pope doesn’t answer and joins Bennett and Galli at the commentary table.

First match. As a reminder…these qualifying matchups have a time-limit of 6-minutes.

Ricky Starks versus Eddie Kingston NWA TV Championship Qualifier

Tie-up. Kingston runs through Starks with a shoulder block. He applies a headlock. Starks gets to his feet and reverses the hold into a hammerlock. Kingston charges Starks in the corner…Starks gets his boot up. He climbs…flying crossbody for a two count. Only 4-minutes left. Kingston catches Starks with an exploder suplex, then follows up with stiff fists to the head. Starks shakes it off. Slingblade sends Kingston to the mat. He uses the ropes to hit a tornado DDT for a nearfall. Starks goes for his finisher…Kingston counters but Starks goes for a sunset-flip pin…only two. Nice sequence of chain wrestling…Starks goes for Buster Keaton…he got it. It’s over.

Ricky Starks wins by pinfall and advances in the NWA TV Title Tournament

Advertisement stating that NWA Hard Times has already sold out.

Another look at NWA World’s champion Nick Aldis and his new faction featuring Wildcards and Kamille.

Back at the interview table…David Marquez welcomes Wildcard’s Royce Isaacs. He comes to the desk with an unknown woman. He introduces her as May Valentine, who is the newest member of the NWA. Isaacs whispers something into Marquez’s ear. He reads a statement and tells the fans that he hopes to also prove himself as a singles star.

James Storm appears. The Cowboy says that he’ll happily face Isaacs and addresses Valentine. “I’ll kick your ass, then tip your ass.” Storm gets in the ring. Referee is there.

Commercial for HighSpots.com featuring a Preacher and Danny Deals.

Storm is in the ring ready to fight Isaacs. Isaacs keeps acting like he’s going in but is stalling. Eventually Storm meets him on the outside. They brawl. This one is underway.

James Storm versus Royce Isaacs

Storm throws Isaacs back inside and continues to batter him. Big haymaker knocks Isaacs down. He calls for the Last Shot…Isaacs slides to the outside. He goes to Valentine and leaves the ring. Referee counts him out. Storm gets the crowd to count the final 10.

James Storm wins by countout

Back to the interview desk. Eli Drake joins Marquez. He’s got a giant bottle of champagne. Drake says that Christmas time is here and there’s a New Year around the corner. “New year…new goals. What does that sound like? Gold.”

Drake leaves the table where a man and woman dressed like Santa and an elf sing “Oh come let us adore him.” The fans and Drake are having a great time until Nick Aldis, Kamille, and the Wildcards com out. Aldis goes to Marquez. He wishes him a happy holiday. “Boy oh boy am I feeling festive.” Aldis hands the Wildcards and Kamille jackets as presents. Marquez asks Kamille. Aldis says that everything you’ve seen for the last several weeks has been a perfectly hatched plan. Aldis then addresses Ricky Morton’s comments. “The only reason any of you are here is because of me. I built this place.” He invites the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express to come out. They do.

Aldis says he wants to give Morton an opportunity. “I’d like to ask you one time…please clarify your comments from previously.” Morton responds. “Okay fella. I was asked my opinion, and I gave my opinion. You are the world’s heavyweight champion. You even trained under Harley Race. You said you’ve spent two years building this business…we’ve spent our whole life building this business. It’s Christmas Eve…you don’t have to be Scrooge tonight. If I’ve said anything to you…I apologize to you.” Aldis fires back with a threat. “You saw what happened to Tim Storm. You saw what happened to James Storm…I’d think very carefully before you open your mouth again.” Segment ends.

Flashback to Thunder Rosa’s victory at Into The Fire. Ashley Vox ran in afterwards to gain some revenge but Rosa gained the upper-hand and injured Vox’s arm. Later in the show, ODB replaced Vox in a tag match against Melina and Marti Belle.

Melina, Marti Belle, and Thunder Rosa are in the ring for a six-woman tag. Allysin Kay, Ashley Vox, and ODB are their opponents. Commentary tells us that whoever makes the pin gets to choose a singles matchup.

Melina/Marti Belle/Thunder Rosa versus ODB/Ashley Vox/Allysin Kay

Rosa and ODB begin. Rosa locks ODB in a hammerlock. ODB powers out and hits a shoulder block. Big chop. The women’s champ Kay comes in. She goes for a shoulder breaker but Rosa lands on her feet and brings Kay down with a neckbreaker. Belle tags in. Running knee for a two count. She goes for a butterfly maneuver…Kay picks Belle up in a Samoan drop. Melina and Vox tag in. Vox rocks Melina with a headbutt, then connects with a flush dropkick. Melina rakes the eyes. Rosa and Melina take advantage of a referee distraction to double-team Vox. Belle targets the taped up arm of Vox. She stomps her down in the corner. Hip thrust…Belle doesn’t make a cover. Rosa back in.

Melina DDT’s Vox. Another cover attempt…Vox stays alive. Vox fights out of Melina’s grip…she makes a hot tag to Kay. Kay chops Melina hard. A second. Big boot from Kay…Melina hits a jawbreaker and brings Rosa back in. ODB catches Rosa and sends her flying with a fallaway slam. Vox to the middle-rope…missile dropkick. Belle gets taken out with a stun-gun. Vox traps Rosa in a submission…Rosa bites her hand! Shoulder breaker from Rosa. Emerald Flowsion. It’s over.

Melina/Thunder Rosa/Marti Belle win by pinfall

Afterwards Marquez asks Rosa who she will pick to face. Melina answers for her. “She chooses ODB.” Rosa confirms that she will indeed pick ODB.

Tim Storm’s opponent is chosen for next week’s TV Title tournament. It’s Nick Aldis. Tim Storm is then interviewed. He tells the studio crowd that mama Storm just turned 95 years old. He recalls a conversation of how long he’s going to keep wrestling. He says that his mother reminded him of how hard work and having something to prove means more then money. He quotes Dusty Rhodes famous Hard Times promo. “I’m bad and they know I’m bad. I will be mama Storm’s baby boy until the day I die, but we have something left to prove, and it starts with Nick Aldis.”

Back to the ring for the main event. Question Mark and Colt Cabana. Here we go.

Colt Cabana versus Question Mark NWA TV Championship Qualifier

Arm-drag from Cabana. Mark responds with a big karate chop. Cabana bounces off the ropes but stops his attack. He gets behind Mark and lays into him with chops. Cabana ties Mark up for an early pin attempt…Mark just kicks out. More pin attempts from Cabana but Mark kicks out of each one. Mark traps Cabana in the turnbuckles and lays into his midsection with stiff strikes. Cabana answers with an elbow and a running forearm. Chops to Mark’s chest, followed by a corner splash and middle-rope splash…kick out. Cabana goes for another corner attack…Mark ducks and hits two jumping chops. Cabana responds with another bionic elbow. Cabana climbs to the top…he jumps right into a throat strike from Mark. It’s over.

Question Mark wins by pinfall to advance in the NWA TV Title tournament

A promo from Question Mark and Aron (Shooter) Stevens. They promise to take all the belts in the NWA. “Why? Because we have the power of karate.”

That’s the show friends.