As noted, the latest episode of WWE's "After The Bell" podcast features host Corey Graves talking to Paige, Charlotte Flair and The Street Profits.

Paige talked about how much she enjoys working on WWE Backstage, and joked about how she's always fighting for air time with WWE Hall of Famer Booker T because he talks a lot. She also mentioned how there's a "cuss jar" that the hosts apparently have to put money into when they let expletives slip. Paige noted that the filming process is very quick and easy, taking just a few hours from the production meeting until when they wrap filming. She said she's done in just a few hours and then she goes home, and gets to sleep in her own bed as she lives in Los Angeles where the show is filmed for FS1.

Graves asked Paige about the freedom she has on the show and if she enjoys it.

"Honestly I wish I could have more," Paige said of the freedom. "Because sometimes, you know you get a little bit pulled back, but obviously with CM Punk on the show now, since he's working under the contract with FOX and not WWE, he can voice a lot more opinion, but I would love to go in even a little bit more.

"I love to talk crap, honestly, and you know, what I feel like the crap that I talk is what the people are saying anyway. So, it feels good, but I wish I got to do it more."

Paige had nothing but praise for WWE NXT Superstar Rhea Ripley when Graves asked who she likes these days.

"Dude, I love Rhea Ripley," Paige said. "I think she's great. I think she's the full package - just everything about her. Her promo, her wrestling, even her wrestling gear. Like everything about her, I just think she's great, I think she's absolutely wonderful. She's like super young, right? She's 22 or something like that? I'm like, what the hell, you're doing way better than I was at 22. [Ripley is 23 as of October 11]. Actually, that's a lie, I was the Divas Champion. I'll take that back, but I love her, I think she's great."

Paige also revealed that she has a "massive project" that she is working on, but she couldn't say more because she's not allowed to right now. She noted that she's "super excited" and hopes to reveal the project in the early part of 2020.

"I do have this other project, but I have to keep it under wraps right now but I am super excited so in the new year you will get to see what is going on with that," Paige said. "So yeah, just doing a lot of stuff with makeup and clothing line and all that kind of stuff, which is super stuff, and I have the most wonderful boyfriend ever. I have to namedrop him, he is so wonderful. We have so much going on right now and it's really cool, but I do have this massive project but I can't let you guys know yet. It's a secret."

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.