Petey Williams Comments On AEW-NXT Using The Canadian Destroyer

Petey Williams took to Twitter to share his opinion about WWE NXT and AEW using his finisher, the Canadian Destroyer.

The Impact Wrestling star tweeted, "OMG! We need to increase ratings. What do we do? NXT: Canadian Destroyers AEW: Even more Canadian Destroyers!"

Former WWE star and current Impact producer Gail Kim replied to his tweet, "Ugh. I hate what everyone has done to your finisher. Just my opinion."

As noted back in February, Petey was upset with the name change to Panama Sunrise. He spoke against it after Adam Cole performed the move on Ricochet during WWE Halftime Heat.

He commented on the name change, "I don't care who does the move. Changing the name of it is the biggest disrespect. Named after the Canadian Destroyer Doug Chevalier. RIP."

Below are their tweets: