- WWE NXT Superstar Chelsea Green is featured in the latest Major Wrestling Figure Podcast vlog with Zack Ryder, as seen above. Ryder and Green returned to Canada to visit her family over the Christmas holiday and visited a Toys R Us store for an action figure hunt.

- After R-Truth and The Singh Brothers continued to go back & forth with WWE 24/7 Title changes at weekend WWE live events, Truth is now a 29-time champion. Sunil Singh has 4 reigns and Samir has 5 reigns with the title following Sunday's live event in Hershey, PA. WWE has been doing Handicap Matches that saw Truth and The Singh Brothers switch the title.

With Truth's 29th WWE 24/7 Title reign beginning at Sunday's live event in Hershey, he now has held the title more times than Raven held the WWE Hardcore Title. Raven had 27 Hardcore Title reigns while the late Crash Holly had 22 Hardcore Title reigns.

- A new WWE Network series will premiere this coming Sunday, January 5 at 8pm ET. The first episode of WWE Break It Down will focus on Drew McIntyre. A recent WWE Network tweet indicated that future episodes will focus on Big Show and Seth Rollins.

The brief synopsis provided on Twitter read like this: "Hear the story behind some of the biggest matches and moments in WWE History from the Superstars that lived them. The WWE Network premiere of #BreakItDown streams January 5th!"