- Above are the top 10 moments from last night's WWE RAW in Greenville, South Carolina.

- As noted, last night's RAW saw Seth Rollins and The Authors of Pain officially join forces. They destroyed Kevin Owens in a backstage segment. WWE issued a storyline update on Owens today and noted that he suffered injuries in the attack. WWE noted the following on Owens' status and promised updates to come:

"Kevin Owens is undergoing a battery of tests today regarding the injuries he suffered last night from the AOP and also from Seth Rollins."

- Randy Orton took to Twitter today with comments on WWE United States Champion Rey Mysterio, who he "saved" from AJ Styles at the end of last night's RAW main event.

Orton called Rey a "#oneofakind" and later commented on thinking of Rey instead of his wife. He wrote, "At #charlotte airport on 2 hours of sleep and all I can think about is how @reymysterio is amazing. I should be thinking about @KimKlro but I can't #619"

Orton also shared a photo of a mat burn he suffered when he hit the ring last night on RAW. He wrote, "Got this mat burn saving @reymysterio last night and it should be healed up by June 19th [6/19]"

You can see Orton's related tweets below: