A video package is shown highlighting the feud between ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) and the team of Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal after the usual ROH signature video package.

Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay check in backstage. They talk about Honor United.

Josh Woods & Silas Young are shown backstage. Woods is trying to visualize. Young is annoyed. Young says that their match is five minutes and tells Woods to be ready.

Coast To Coast (LSG & Shaheem Ali), The Bouncers (Brian Milonas & Beer City Bruiser), Soldiers Of Savagery (Moses & Kaun), and the team of Josh Woods & Silas Young are at the ring.

Coast To Coast (LSG & Shaheem Ali) vs. Silas Young & Josh Woods vs. The Bouncers (Brian Milonas & Beer City Bruiser) vs. Soldiers Of Savagery (Moses & Kaun)

Woods and LSG lock up. Woods and LSG exchange waist-locks and wrist-locks. LSG sends Woods to the ropes. Woods ducks a clothesline attempt by Woods. LSG hits the mat, Woods uses his legs to flip LSG over for a two count. Woods locks in a headlock, LSG sends him to the ropes. Woods hits a shoulder block on LSG. Later in the match, Young hits an Anarchist Suplex on LSG. Bruiser and Young exchange strikes. Kaun strikes Young as Moses strikes Bruiser. Kaun sends Young out of the ring. Kaun & Moses hit their Promised Land finisher on Bruiser. Woods strikes Moses. Milonas strikes Kaun.

Woods connects with a running knee to the face of Moses. Woods runs towards Milonas in the corner. Milonas moves out of the way, causing Woods to collide with Kaun. Milonas clotheslines Woods. LSG & Ali drive Milonas into the corner. LSG connects with a forearm to Milonas. Ali splashes Milonas. Milonas grabs LSG & Ali by the throat. LSG kicks Milonas in the midsection. Ali & LSG superkick Milonas. Woods punches LSG. Woods hits a Back Suplex on Ali. LSG connects with a boot to Woods. Young clotheslines LSG in the corner. Young catapults LSG into a flying knee strike from Woods. Woods pins LSG for the three count.

Winners: Silas Young & Josh Woods

ROH Television Champion Shane Taylor is shown. Taylor talks about Rush retaining the ROH World Title and his brother Dragon Lee winning the ROH Television Title and how that would be a fairy tale ending to Final Battle. Taylor laughs. Taylor says that where he from, fairy tales don't exist. Taylor says that he walking in to Final Battle the Television Champion and he is walking out the exact same way.

A video package is shown highlighting the tension between Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry.

Highlights are shown of The Allure's Mandy Leon & ROH Women Of Honor Champion Angelina Love defeating Sumie Sakai & Jenny Rose in a No Disqualification Match at Unauthorized before Love was confronted by Maria Manic.

Kenny King (with Amy Rose) makes his entrance. Shinobi Shaddow Squad's Eli Isom makes his entrance. PJ Black and Ultimo Guerrero make their entrances.

Kenny King vs. Eli Isom vs. PJ Black vs. Ultimo Guerrero

King kicks Black in the stomach. Isom ducks a clothesline attempt by Guerrero. Isom sends Guerrero into Black. King kicks Isom in the midsection. King locks in a Half Boston Crab on Isom, while Black locks in an arm-lock on King, with Guerrero simultaneously locking in an arm-lock on Black. All competitors release their holds heading into a commercial break.

Guerrero eventually blocks a Superplex attempt by Black by hitting a Guerrero Special on him. Isom breaks a pinfall attempt to Guerrero on Black. King pushes Isom. King kicks Isom's neck. Guerrero connects with an elbow strike to King. Isom ducks a clothesline attempt by Guerrero. Isom superkicks Guerrero. Isom hits an Air Raid Crash on Guerrero. Black breaks a pin attempt by Isom on Guerrero. Black connects with forearm to Isom. Black hits a DDT on Isom. Black hits a Moonsault Double Stomp on Isom from off the top turnbuckle. Black pins Isom for the win.

Winner: PJ Black

PJ Black celebrates his win. The Final Battle cars is hyped as the show comes to a close.