A video package is shown highlighting El Villainisto & Jefe Cobbo defeating Delirious & Mini Delirious in Loser Must Lose Their Mask Match after the usual ROH signature video package. Mini Delirious was unmasked and revealed to be Swoggle.

Ian Riccaboni checks in backstage. Riccaboni talks about Colt Cabana having presented ROH Unauthorized featuring Eight Crazy Matches. Riccaboni throws to a match.

Six-Man Tag Team Cheeseburger Themed Match:
Dalton "White" Castle, Flip "N Burgers" Gordon & Kenny "Burger" King vs. Cheeseburger, Double Cheeseburger & Triple Cheese Burger (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas)

Castle and Bruiser shake hands. Gordon tags himself in. Gordon goes for a waist-lock, Bruiser drives his backside into the midsection of Gordon. Bruiser clotheslines Gordon. Later in the match, Gordon, King & Castle all stomp on Cheeseburger. The referee stops them. Cheeseburger crawls under the referee as he talks to Castle, King & Gordon. Gordon tags Milonas in. Milonas clotheslines Gordon. Milonas clotheslines Castle. Milonas clotheslines King. Milonas hits a shoulder block on Castle, before hitting one on King as well. Gordon hits a jumping kick on Milonas. Gordon kicks the back of Bruiser. Gordon lifts Bruiser into the turnbuckle. Gordon springboards from the top turnbuckle, Milonas catches him. Milonas hits a Brawler Slam on Gordon. Bruiser hits a splash from off the second rope on Gordon. King and Castle break a pin attempt by Milonas on Gordon. Bruiser sends Castle & King out of the ring.

Milonas rags Cheeseburger in. Milonas & Brusier assist Cheeseburger in hitting a Burger Destroyer on Gordon. Cheeseburger pins Gordon for a two count, Gordon gets his hand on the bottom rope to stop the count. Gordon kicks Cheeseburger in the face. King is tagged in, as is Bruiser. Bruiser clotheslines King. Bruiser connects with an elbow to the face of King. Amy Rose gets up in the apron to distract Bruiser. King kicks Bruiser. Bruiser & Milonas hit a Triple Suplex on Castle, King & Gordon. Cheeseburger is tagged back in. King connects with a forearm to Cheeseburger.

King hits a Moonsault to the outside from the second rope on Milonas, Bruiser, Gordon & Castle. Gordon superkicks Bruiser on the stage. Gordon sends Cheeseburger off the stage, Milonas catches him. Gordon teases a stage dive before "Flipping" off the fans. Bruiser hits a cross-body from off the stage onto Cheeseburger, King, Castle and Milonas. Castle kicks the head of Cheeseburger. Bruiser hits a Senton from off the apron onto Milonas. Cheeseburger hits his finisher on Castle. King rolls Cheeseburger up for the three count.

Winners: Dalton "White" Castle, Flip "N Burgers" Gordon & Kenny "Burger" King

Ian Riccaboni checks in backstage. Riccaboni talks about having wrestled at ROH Unauthorized.

Brian Zane talks about his Top Five Managers from ROH's history with Truth Martini coming in an number one, followed by Shane Hagadorn, Allison Danger, Prince Nana and Lacey.

Highlights are shown of TK O'Ryan addressing his future, with him talking about having a bad head injury and how if he's able to return - he will return as a man that everyone can be proud of.

Brian Johnson is shown backstage. Johnson says that he's sick and tired of failing. Johnson says that in 2020, change is coming to Ring Of Honor. Johnson says everyone is going to find out that it's Mecca versus everyone.

Lifeblood's Tracy Williams & Mark Haskins make their entrances.

Lucha Tag Rules Match:
Lifeblood (Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams) vs. Dragon Lee & Rush

Haskins briefly locks in an arm-lock on Lee. Lee takes Haskins to the mat with a single leg takedown. Haskins locks in a cross-arm breaker on Lee, Lee gets a rope break. Later in the match, Williams hits a Spicolli Driver on Lee. Haskins hits a Fireman's Carry on Lee, which sends Lee into a simultaneous Powerbomb by Williams. Rush breaks a pin attempt by Haskins & Williams on Lee. Rush sends Williams into the corner. Rush splashes Williams in the corner. Rush sets Williams on the top turnbuckle. Rush slaps the chest of Williams. Williams hits a DDT on Rush on to the top turnbuckle.

Williams clotheslines Rush. Lee hits a double stomp on Williams to break a pinfall attempt on Rush. Haskins and Lee exchange strikes. Lee connects with a knee strike to Haskins. Haskins hits Lee with a big boot. Lee hits a German Suplex on Haskins. Lee hits a Brain-Buster on Haskins. Rush dumps Haskins over the top rope to the apron. Lee hits a Hurricanruna on Haskins off the apron. Rush hits his Bull's Horns finisher on Williams. Rush pins Williams for the win

Winners: Dragon Lee & Rush

Rush & Dragon Lee celebrate as the show comes to a close.