– Roman Reigns will take on King Corbin at this Sunday’s WWE TLC PPV in a TLC Match. In the video above, Reigns spoke to Cathy Kelley about his upcoming match against Corbin.

“I got so much left in the tank,” Reigns said. “Minneapolis at TLC, Corbin, you’re done, bro. Have fun, enjoy this, enjoy this while you’re here. You’re in my world now. You’re gonna understand on Sunday, it’s done. Ain’t no more King, ain’t none of that, you’re just Roman Reigns’ b—-.”

– The Revival will take on WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day in a Ladder Match on this Sunday. The team was asked about that stipulation being added to the PPV match.

“I feel like once again this company is trying to stack the odds against us,” Wilder said. “They know we’re not high-flyers. They know we’re not acrobats. They know we’re not going to leave our feet unless we have to. So, what do they do? They make it a ladder match. We’ve climbed ladders our life, whether it’s literally or figuratively. That’s what we do.”

– WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley defeated Dana Brooke on last night’s SmackDown. Afterwards, she was asked if it was satisfying to put out a challenge and come out on top.

“It was super satisfying,” Bayley responded. “To be honest, I’m a little more satisfied that Dana accepted the challenge, that’s more than I can say for this whole division. Lacey has been one to punch my friend in the face and talk a lot of smack, but still hasn’t challenged me. She hasn’t challenge the champion and neither has any of these women. That’s why I have to keep facing women from RAW or NXT. I’ve been begging these women to step it up, and their not. They’re lazy, they’re unmotivated, they’re not on my level.”