Seth Rollins On What WWE NXT Has Grown Into And Triple H's Vision, How Special The Garden Is

The new WWE 365 documentary on Seth Rollins is available for viewing on the WWE Network. The special followed Rollins over the course of one year. Above and below are bonus scenes from the episode.

The video above features behind-the-scenes footage of then-Universal Champion Rollins attending the April 26 WWE NXT live event from his hometown of Davenport, Iowa. Rollins appeared in the ring that night and spoke to fans about the brand.


"NXT made its debut in Davenport, Iowa and they were kind enough to ask me to come to the show and say a few words, and get in the ring, and that was kind of a cool moment," Rollins said. "I've got a lot of history with NXT. First NXT Champion and to see that brand grow to the point where they had a live event in Davenport, Iowa, is mind-boggling, and to know I played a small role in that is really cool."

The extra scene includes footage of Rollins from his Florida Championship Wrestling days, before FCW became NXT. Rollins talked about Triple H leading the brand to what it is now.

"I don't think I saw it when I first started at FCW, but after about a year, things really started to change," Rollins said.


There's also footage of Triple H speaking to the developmental roster at a Full Sail University meeting, where Rollins asked about the future of the brand. A ponytail-sporting Triple H told the roster that the company saw NXT as a brand, not just a developmental territory.

"I felt like there was an opportunity to expand and I didn't have the means, I was just a lowly developmental talent, but I think Triple H saw the same thing," Rollins said. He continued, "And when we moved to Full Sail, and re-branded as NXT, I think he always saw something bigger, just because of how special the talent was."

Rollins talked more about the special appearance at NXT Davenport and said it was a full-circle moment.

"It was a full-circle moment in a lot of ways," Rollins said. "To know that I left home to go down to Florida to be a part of developmental, to continue to pursue a dream I had my entire life, not knowing when I'd be back, if I'd be back. For me to reach the success that I've been able to achieve and to have those things kind of come together in one moment at a live event for the WWE developmental brand NXT, in my hometown, with me as the Universal Champion and special guest... you couldn't write it better than that. It was a cool moment. It was a very special night, I think, for me and for the fans, and for the brand itself."


Below is another bonus scene, featuring Rollins working the annual post-Christmas WWE live event at Madison Square Garden on December 26, 2018. That event saw Rollins lose to then-Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose in a Steel Cage match, due to interference from King Baron Corbin. Rollins talked about how rough it is to travel in New York City, and the history of The Garden.

"Coming back for the first night after the holiday break and being at Madison Square Garden, it's great," Rollins said. "Now look, New York City going in and out in a day is not fun. Beautiful city, tons to do, great people, great atmosphere, but man, just getting in and out of that thing sucks. Luckily The Garden makes it all worth it. There's no place like it, there's so much history there. You know, not just WWE history, but sporting history, and concert history, and it's cool to be even just a small part of that."