Former WWE and ECW star Taz took to Twitter on Sunday night and reacted to a tweet from WWE announcer Corey Graves.

We noted on Sunday how Graves had posted a pre-WWE TLC tweet of RAW announcers Samoa Joe and Vic Joseph at ringside before the pay-per-view began. Graves called the duo a new and improved version of former WWE announce team Taz and Michael Cole.

Graves wrote, “NEW & IMPROVED Tazz & Cole#WWETLC”

Taz fired back and said it wasn’t a fair comparison, commenting on how he and Cole fought for their opportunities and paid their dues.

Taz responded, “Gee whiz, new & ‘IMPROVED’? I wish them the best but luck! But, if they are a duo after YEARS of shows than its a fair comparison. @MichaelCole & I BATTLED for every opportunity as a team. #DuesPaid”

A fan responded to Taz and wrote, “Maybe could have been worded better, but it’s just a joke. And it’s pretty funny!”

Taz didn’t see the humor.

“Jokes aren’t funny when pulled on someone who doesn’t work there anymore…therefore if its joke than I’m NOT in on it. I dont appreciate being the brunt of a joke from a current announcer especially with the big social media following of @WWEGraves – I’m ‘out here’, he’s not,” he wrote back.

Another fan later wrote that Graves is “determined to get himself the bully reputation.” Taz, who has ran his own successful podcast for several years now, disagreed and said Graves is doing it for his After The Bell podcast with WWE, adding that he’s become a “try hard” now.

Taz wrote, “Nah, he wants content for the podcast WWE handed him. Meanwhile, @WWEGraves has every resource possible from WWE to succeed with the pod but he has try to become a hot take controversial outspoken shock jock podcaster ‘try hard’ …brother please. [face with rolling eyes emoji]”

Graves has not responded to the comments from Taz as of this writing, but stay tuned as we will keep you updated.

You can see the tweets from Taz and the original post from Graves below: