While other professional wrestlers have shared their stories about working with WWE creative on potential ring names, The New Day shared the list of names they received for their stable on the second episode of the Feel The Power podcast. WWE Superstars and podcast co-hosts Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E broke down the list of names into four chunks: music-inspired names, names inspired by the number three, inspirational themed names, and names created by the trio.

Musical Names

The Beat
The Tribe
Perfect Harmony
Healing Through Harmony
The Wonders
The Miracles
The Sensations
Modern Marvels
Vibe & Vision
The Commotions

On the subject of music-inspired names, Big E questioned why the three of them, with no musical background, would have been pitched musical-based names at all.

"Why is there even a list of musical based names?" Big E asked rhetorically. "We are wrestlers! We are bump and feed boys! Bump & Feed Boys! I would have loved that, 'coming to the ring, The Bump & Feed Boys!' And our entrance is just us taking the crispest bumps. It's just FCW practice, just the warmup from Dr. Tom. We do rolls and whatnot."

Woods went on to say that while Kingston and Big E would have survived the group flopping, he would have been fired if they used some of these names for their faction.

"Both of y'all, let us remember, let us recap, y'all were both set," Woods reflected. "If it would have sunk, [Big E] would have gone back to NXT. Kofi would have stayed on the main roster. [Big E] would have gone back to NXT. I would have gotten fired. I would have been gone! If we were called The Modern Marvels, I would have been gone! I would have been doing child psychology somewhere, which I would have loved - I would have very much enjoyed that - I'm lucky I have another passion in life because this list of names would not have gotten us here."

Three-Inspired Names

Harmonies 3
The Trillogy
KBX [For Kofi, Big, and Xavier]

Big E then compared the name KBX to Team PCB, the supergroup of Paige, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch, formerly known as Submission Sorority.

"'Ah, we've figured it out. We have Paige, we have Charlotte, we have Becky! Let's refer to them as PCB. Oh, we did it! We nailed it! We are talking about Charlotte and Becky who are definitely future Hall Of Famers, multi-time world champions! I think Charlotte is on her 30th reign!' I don't know! I've lost track - she [has] been on so many! 'Becky is on ESPN! She's all over the planet doing things! In fact, I think she's in Dubai just doing things! She's everywhere! And Paige! What a career! Unfortunately, cut short by injury, but in her debut match won the world title from AJ Lee! Wow! What three women that will be remembered forever! And the name that we bring this faction, this supergroup of talented women who will change the industry forever, is PCB. That's it. We done did it.'" Big E joked, "I bet they said, 'PCB' and they got up and they slapped hands! 'Ah, we got it!'"

Inspirational Names

The House Of Light
The Triumph
The Beacon
New City
The Cause (which they liked)
The Regulators (which they liked)
House Of Positive Energy [HOPE]
The House Of Purpose
The Calling
Voices Of Triumph
The Prime
The Charge
The Reach
The Concept
The Achievers
The Sentinels (which they liked)
Born Again
Nation Of Salvation
The Congregation
The Advent
Modern Day Saints
The Sainthood
Brothers Of Xavier
Save Our Souls (SOS)
Million Man Ministry
Resurrection [various spellings]

According to Kingston, looking at the list now makes him angry.

"Like, I'm getting angry reading this list, man, because I can't emphasize enough, we were three guys trying to make it," Kingston admitted. "Do you know what I'm saying? And you're trying to put us in a hole with these names. The House Of Purpose?"

Big E acknowledged that him trying out a preacher voice is what got the trio saddled with the preacher gimmick in the first place.

"Yeah, I have to take some blame for that," Big E said. "So I was the one who started doing the preacher voice because I was just throwing stuff at the wall. Yeah, but I don't know if I've ever acknowledged this before, but I'm the reason we had to do the preacher gimmick, I feel. I'm the reason we had these inspirational names."

When the name The Prime was brought up, the New Day members spoke about WWE trying to put Titus O'Neil, the former Prime Time Player, with them at some point.

"I forgot that at one point, Titus was supposed to be part of our group," Woods recalled. "Someone, they, tried to force him on us. Yeah. Remember that? We had those matches."

Big E added, "we've got love for Titus. That's our boy and whatnot, but we didn't want Titus in our group!"

Names By Kingston, Woods, and Big E

By Any Means Necessary
New Way
The New Day

Big E suggested that the list of names was really a means of placating the threesome without any expectation that they would succeed.

"Maybe they tried. Maybe they didn't try. Who am I to say?" Big E continued, "also I think we weren't a priority. I don't want to say that people half-assed it because we're not a priority. Sometimes it's easy to forget the path. We were just guys trying to get on TV. And, honestly, we really weren't supposed to make it. I feel like a lot of this was just like, 'give them a name - get them out of here. Annoying us every week, coming in with these pitches, trying to have meetings every week, let's just give them a name, let's just come up with a bunch and get it done.'"

Kingston divulged that The New Day has more sway now, but it has been well earned.

"We have essentially become the Saudi 20, right?" Kofi asked. "Like, The New Day being the group that people listen to what we say. Like, as far as creative is concerned, we can kind of go out there and do whatever we want to do because we had to earn that."

Check out the podcast here or via the embedded player below. If you use any of the quotations that appear in this article, please credit The New Day: Feel The Power with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.