Triple H Talks Independent Promotions Going Out Of Business Due To WWE's Expansion

In recent years WWE has locked down partnerships with various independent promotions around the world including Evolve and PROGRESS. WWE is judicious about who it partners with as there's a certain standard that must be met with those other companies.


Triple H was asked about talent working in other places when he joined Corey Graves' podcast.

"I think all of that is important in that feeder system of what the business is. People misunderstood I think even when we went to the UK and what we were trying to accomplish there because of small thinking or short-sightedness. Yes, some of these indies are going to go away. The ones that are going to go away are the ones that were paying you $25 when they promised you $75," Triple H said. "The ones that have a ring that didn't hold up. The ones that didn't have medical there. The ones that didn't care about you and were only booking you because you had a little bit of buzz that were hoping to sell some tickets and didn't care what you did as long as you did it.


"We wanted to work with the ones that were cultivating talent. The ones that were encouraging them to become better; working with them on promos, giving them guidance on their matches; right or wrong, but that had the equipment that was functioning. That had medical care so that even if you were injured you weren't just laying there for 45 minutes to try to figure out whether an ambulance was going to come or call you an Uber. All those things were important to us and were the companies that we started to partner with and we let work for and I think it's done just that."

Triple H reiterated that the promotions that don't do things the right way will fade out because the talent is now sophisticated enough to avoid working for places like that.

"From my understanding and what I hear the system has changed a lot. There's a lot more of the sort of policing it and the talent being able to police it because they are not allowed to work for the ones that can't do it. Those companies don't last while others do last and for all the right reasons they are thriving and others aren't," Triple H stated.

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.