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Lio Rush vs. Danny Burch

Raul Mendoza vs. Angel Garza

And much more!

Commentators Tom Phillips and Aiden English welcome fans to a brand new episode of 205 Live! The first match of the night is announced.

Raul Mendoza vs. Angel Garza

Mendoza goes right away for Garza's arm when the match first starts. Garza breaks out of the hold and steps outside to take a breather. Mendoza starts off with a body scissors, but Garza reverses out of it and puts Mendoza in a side headlock. After a few back and forth attempted arm drags between the two men, Garza gets down on one knee and tells Mendoza to shake his hand. He puts his hand out, and Mendoza kicks his hand away. Mendoza lands a hurricanrana on Garza on the outside. Back in the ring, Garza superkicks Mendoza right in the chin. Garza follows it up with a PK towards Garza's midsection. Garza taunts Mendoza while he's down. Garza goes for another superkick. He goes for the cover and Mendoza kicks out.

After the kick-out, Garza locks Mendoza's left leg. Mendoza flips over and starts kicking his way out of the hold. Mendoza gets up and lands several strong right hooks before putting Garza down with a clothesline. Medoza covers, Garza kicks out at 2. Garza sets up for a waist lock submission. Mendoza reverses it. Both men exchange kicks. Mendoza lands a standing Spanish Fly. He goes for the cover and Garza kicks out. Mendoza flies over the top rope and lands on Garza on the outside. Back in the ring, Garza catches Mendoza in a superkick. Garza ends the match with the wing clipper. Garza goes for the cover and wins the match.

Winner: Angel Garza

Video footage is shown of Gentleman Jack Gallagher losing his temper after losing his match against Garza. Gallagher took to social media and said: "I'm done."

Tony Nese vs. Trent Newman

Nese starts the match with a takedown on Newman. Nese corners Newman and lands a few hard chest chops. Newman Irish Whips Nese to the opposite corner and it gets reversed by Nese. The Singh Brothers, on the outside, are filming the match. Nese flies off the second rope with a moonsault. He covers Newman, and Newman kicks out at 2. Nese picks up Newman and throws him back first into the turnbuckles. Nese follows it up with a running knee. Nese goes for the cover one last time and wins the match.

Winner: Tony Nese

Post-Match: The Singh Brothers slam Newman with the Bollywood Blast.

And now, the main event!

Danny Burch vs. Lio Rush

Rush and Burch lockup. Burch stomps on Rush's hands and then goes for a side headlock. Rush breaks out of the hold and sends Burch into the ropes. Burch counters and puts Rush in another headlock. Rush kicks Burch right in the midsection. Burch punches Rush from the outside and then sends him towards the barricade. Both men are back in the ring. Burch puts Rush in a chin lock. Rush breaks out of it with a few kicks. Burch slaps Rush right across the face. Burch goes for the cover and Rush kicks out. Rush fires back with a backhand springboard, then a middle rope dive. Rush climbs to the top rope. Burch gets up and throws Rush. Rush counters, Burch headbutts Rush, then goes for a step-up enziguri. Burch with an inside-out clothesline. Burch goes for the cover, Rush kicks out at 2. Rush fights back with a middle rope cutter. He climbs to the top rope and Garza runs down to the ring and pushes him off. The referee calls for the match. Garza puts Rush in the wing clipper. After, he grabs the NXT Cruiserweight Championship and holds on to it before the show ends.

Winner By Disqualification: Lio Rush

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!