Welcome to Wrestling Inc.’s live coverage of tonight’s WWE Backstage on FS1, featuring CM Punk joining the panel. King Corbin is tonight’s special guest.

– Tonight’s panel is Booker T, Renee Young, CM Punk, and Paige.

– Quick recap is shown of some of the bigger moments this week’s SmackDown and RAW, including The Kabuki Warriors challenging Becky Lynch and Charlotte in the first-ever women’s tag TLC match at this Sunday’s PPV.

– The panel talks Seth Rollins teaming up with AOP. Booker T says he likes it, feels like AOP has been waiting to get into the game and this is their chance. CM Punk says he’ll take the “wait and see approach,” hopes it’s not The Shield 2.0. Punk thinks Rollins is better as a bad guy, and now everyone is going to start cheering him.

– Recap of Dolph Ziggler and King Corbin handcuffing Roman Reigns to the ring post and then showering him with dog food on last Friday’s SmackDown. Punk says he didn’t hate the dog food segment, said it reminded him of the film Carrie when she had blood dumped on her, then totally lost it. “Bad guys have to do bad things to the good guys,” Punk said. Booker brought up thing The Boogeyman would do in WWE.

– King Corbin is in-studio for the next segment. He has Renee hold the ropes for him as he gets into the ring to join the panel. Corbin says he loves when fans boo the heck out of him, makes him feel like he’s doing his job. Corbin says some people can’t deal with the insults thrown at them, he doesn’t mind it. Punk asked Corbin if he’s ever been a good guy, Corbin laughed and said no. Punk felt like it’s much easier to be a bad guy than a good guy, especially when crowds don’t know you. Corbin agreed with that.

Renee asks if Corbin finds it difficult to maintain being a bad guy online. Corbin says it’s not really tough, says his charachter isn’t that far off from how he really is. Says people often thought he was a jerk in college or football. Says it’s a job though and he’s just looking to put food on his plate for him and his family. Punk brings up the Straight Edge Society, says when he went into the “Bible Belt” the fans especially hated them, Grandmas even threw a swing at him. Punk asked if the dog food was real in Corbin’s segment with Roman Reigns. Corbin says it was real.

– A look back to TLC two years ago when Finn Balor took on AJ Styles. Bray Wyatt couldn’t make the event (medical reasons) and Styles flew from South America to get to the PPV. Highlights are shown from the match. Balor says even though he and Styles had some similar stops, they never crossed paths until that match. Balor recalls the buzz in the arena as the match went on. Balor eventually picked up the win over Styles with the Coup de Grace and they shared a “too sweet” at the end of the match. Balor said they didn’t plan the “too sweet” ahead of time.

Booker says he was there and remembers the fans giving a standing ovation afterwards. Booker says they had a chance at a “moment” and didn’t let it slip. Paige talks of her last minute moment of being told she would debut against AJ Lee and win the Divas Championship. Punk brings up facing Chavo Guerrero for the ECW Title at a house show, but the weather was so bad that only a handful of wrestlers could make it. They asked Punk and Chavo if they could go 60 minutes, ended up doing a 2-out-of-3 falls.

– NFL Player Brandon Williams talks about “Macho Man” Randy Savage and being a big fan of Savage.

– Matt Leinart joins the show, he and Corbin were teammates when Corbin was on the Arizona Cardinals. Leinart says rekindled his relationship after going to a WWE show and later realizing Corbin was involved with WWE now. The two talk how the WWE locker room has some similarities to an NFL locker room. Corbin talks punching a teammate in practice, thinking he’d get fined, but the coach ended up embracing him.

– WWE RAW Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders will issue an open challenge at this Sunday’s WWE TLC. Whoever answers the call will get a crack at the titles. The panel then previews some of the matches on the upcoming PPV.

– “WWE” was a category on Jeopardy, clips are shown from the show. Renee Young hosts a show of her own with Booker T holding a cash full of money. Corbin, Punk, and Paige are basically playing their own version of the game. “Which Superstar beat Hogan for the WWE Title at WrestleMani VI.” Answers was Ultimate Warrior, Paige and Corbin got it right, Punk said Sgt. Slaughter. They ask a question about who started out in WWE as “The Ringmaster” (Austin). Who win the title after winning the Royal Rumble (Ric Flair). Corbin really struggling with these questions and keeps trying to cheat. They all bet what they had for the final question, nobody got it right.

– Renee recaps the nWo and Batista going into next year’s WWE Hall of Fame. Punk wants every single member of the nWo inducted into the Hall of Fame.