Welcome to Wrestling Inc.’s live coverage of tonight’s WWE Backstage on FS1. Ember Moon, William Shatner, and Alexa Bliss are tonight’s special guests.

-Tonight’s panel is Booker T, Renee Young, Christian, and Ember Moon.

-The panel recaps TLC including the SmackDown Tag Team titles match, Bray Wyatt vs. The Miz, and Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch vs. The Kabuki Warriors for the Women’s Tag Team Championships. For Monday Night RAW, they look at Lana and Bobby Lashley getting engaged, Seth Rollins and AOP attacking Rey Mysterio, and AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton.

-Christian likes Wyatt a lot and is glad that WWE is separating Bray Wyatt and The Fiend. Moon says that his character reminds her of the movie “Split.”

-Moon adds that Baron Corbin’s match against Roman Reigns was her favorite match to watch on TLC.

-Booker T’s takeaway from TLC was Andrade vs. Humberto Carrillo. He believes that Andrade will become the next big star.

-Young goes back and discusses Rollins and his recent heel turn. Booker T likes Rollins new persona.

-Alexa Bliss is in-studio for the next segment. Her interview begins by her discussing her and her family’s love for the WWE. Moon asks Bliss to talk about how she got into wrestling. Bliss says that when she wasn’t ready to “adult just yet,” she heard from someone close to her that there was a WWE tryout. She recorded a video of herself and was invited to try out. Her first time around, she didn’t make the cut. But after a few tries, she got in.

-Next, Bliss talks about how she and Nikki Cross formed their alliance.

-Young asks Bliss about why she went public about her body issues. Bliss states she went through body issue difficulties for 10 years, and wanted to be someone who could inspire others who are going through what she did.

-After, Booker T announces that William Shatner is here and everyone is going to be taken to acting school.

-Shatner is in-studio. He says that the WWE/wrestling fan base are nuts in a good way, same with Trekkies. He says his bout with Jerry “The King” Lawler was one of his favorite WWE appearances.

-Next, they take a look at the second season of Shatner’s highly-acclaimed show “The Unexplained.” The second season will premiere in February.

-Everyone is going to acting school. Moon and Christian have to cut a Shatner promo. Shatner loves Moon’s promo. Next is Christian. Christian goes half Wyatt/half Shatner. Shatner thought it was really good. Everyone except for Bliss voted for Christian.

-Ryan Satin announces that all three members of The New Day have each signed multi-year contracts as well as The Street Profits.

-After the breaking news segment, the panel discusses Paige and Flair’s comments about the women’s division as of late. Bliss and Moon want bigger matches and better storylines for the women’s roster.

-The show concludes with Bliss and Moon laying the SmackDown on the Internet trolls!

WWE Backstage will continue their weekly broadcast on Christmas Eve! Thanks for watching!