AEW Executive Vice Presidents The Young Bucks are apparently done with Twitter.

Nick Jackson's account, which was located at @NickJacksonYB, is no longer available. Twitter says the account no longer exists when you try to access it. Matt Jackson made a tweet this evening and said he was leaving the social media platform, and would see fans on Being The Elite. That tweet has since been deleted, but it read, "I've had a fun time on this app for over ten years, but it's time to finally hit the X. I'll see you on BTE!"

There's no word yet on why The Bucks might be leaving Twitter, but there was a lot of negative feedback on AEW late this week after bad reviews for Wednesday's Dynamite episode, WWE NXT winning the ratings, and a GIF that went around showing a botch from the Dynamite segment with The Dark Order and The Elite.

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry re-tweeted the GIF of the botch posted by Klondike Bill. Henry added, "Fire this person now."

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus also re-tweeted the botch GIF and included a facepalm emoji.

As seen below, a fan tweeted a screenshot of Matt's tweet that is no longer available. You can also see the GIF along with the re-tweets from Henry and Stratus below.