A version of the free tier of the WWE Network quietly launched this morning.

The homepage for non-subscribers can be seen at watch.WWE.com now, as long as you’re not logged into an active subscriber account.

The free tier homepage currently features several carousels with content in them, some locked: Trending Now, Recently Added, Every PPV Ever, WWE NXT Highlights, Recent WWE Highlights, WWE Top 10, This Is NXT, Recent In-Ring Programming, WWE Network Essentials, TLC, Featured Series, Watch Full Matches, WWE’s Horsewomen, WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, WWE Network Pick of the Week.

There’s also a box above the carousels to plug what’s currently showing on the WWE Network live feed.

The “Recently Added” carousel features a lot of videos from WWE’s YouTube channel but PWInsider reports that this will change over time.

This is a “very early, unannounced rollout” of the free tier, according to PWI. This version was designed to beta test the free tier and find any potential issues before they officially launch it. The official launch could come some time in the next week. There have been plans to launch the full tiered version of the WWE Network, including a $14.99 version that would include non-WWE indie wrestling content, some time in January 2020, but there’s no word yet on if that is still the timeframe.

Stay tuned for updates on the WWE Network changes.