Former rugby league player and current NXT Superstar Daniel Vidot spoke with FOX Sports about his transition to wrestling, if he'd want to be a face or heel, and if he plans on going back to rugby.

After doing all he could in rugby, Vidot felt like the entertainment side of things was something he specialized in, and the move to WWE was a natural fit. Vidot signed a developmental contract with WWE in mid-2018, originally doing a tryout back in 2016.

"I was a bit different, always was. I always wanted something different," Vidot said. "I felt like the pinnacle of rugby league was done for me. I did what I wanted to do and just felt like there was more to me. I always like the theater side of things and entertainment. When you put rugby and entertainment together you kind of get WWE so I've put all the eggs in one basket and moved over there and I haven't looked back since."

In regards to playing a face or heel, ultimately he wants to leave it to the fans, just as long as they react one way or the other.

"If someone likes you, they like who you are and if they don't, you need that as well," Vidot said. You need people to hate you, you really do. That's what builds the fire. I've played both roles since I've been over there. It's really interesting how to work a crowd ... if you're getting no reaction that's where you go out the door."

With rugby as a potential back-up, Vidot was asked if it was something he'd go back to, or if wrestling is in his long-term plans. Vidot pointed to wrestlers having long careers whether it's in the ring (like The Undertaker) or moving to Hollywood (The Rock and John Cena).

"You've got The Rock and John Cena doing films now," Vidot responded. "There are so many branches from this business and that's what I'm excited for. I know the longevity in this wrestling game can go on for a long time. You've still got The Undertaker rolling around. I'm pretty happy with my decision. I think I made the right choice. I definitely fit in over there. It's really interesting. When you go to the Performance Center, there are all these big personalities chucked into one basket. It's an awesome place and I'm really loving it."